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Professional Movers and Packers Services for Shifting House in Brisbane

It may still be a dream for many to have a big house in Brisbane but those who own it know how difficult it is to move everything to a local city or the states. This could be risky to move your entire house from one place to another as you’re already get exhausted by packing all your important goods out of your house.

All your house moving issues have the perfect solution, offered by local movers and packers in Brisbane, known as CBD Movers. Hiring a dedicated team of professional movers Brisbane will help you move peacefully with a range of best and cheap removals services without stress.

Why Hire Local Packers and Movers in Brisbane?

Packing, loading, moving and unloading is never an easy task, which is why we should seek professional help from local and cheap movers and packers in Brisbane to make the tasks easier with an expert hand. Here are some of the reasons for hiring one of the leading and honest packers and movers in Brisbane:

It is risky to handle and move delicate households and furniture pieces to a new place because only small negligence may cause great damage to your goods. There are more chances that you can damage and scratch your possessions while loading and unloading your goods to reduce their lifetime. Therefore, a lot of hard work and skills are needed to pack, load and unload your household, and it can turn out to be a big blunder without any professional experience.

Professional Movers and Packer Services in Brisbane

Packing of households- Our local and cheap removals services in Brisbane will make the shifting of your house to a local city quite easier. Our Brisbane local movers will pack and organize all your precious possessions according to the type and size of your moving needs.

Loading to the Vehicle Carrier- Once household packaging has been completed, the cases are loaded into the van or truck carrier. At CBD Movers, we take full responsibility for all of your goods and ensure that they are safely handled and loaded into the truck carrier without any damage.

Shifting house to a new location- As soon as all your stuff is loaded into the vehicle, our team of professional movers and packers from Brisbane will move it to your desired location smoothly and safely at no time.

Unloading at new house- We not only transfer your households but also unload, unpack and place them in your new accommodation at a reasonable price to ensure the optimum house moving experience.

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to get away from a familiar terrain and stay in a new city. But our qualified team of packers and movers Brisbane can help you settle down well in any local city or region across Brisbane. Our end-to-end Brisbane local movers services are not just restricted towards packing and moving services, but also offers round the clock and cheap storage services.

12 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture


Have you decided to move the furniture on your own? Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems as there are a lot more intricate details involved in it. To keep your furniture and the people involved in the relocation safe, you need to know the basics about moving furniture. So here it is – the most important tips for moving furniture by yourself.

Top Tips for DIY Furniture Relocation

Any relocation is hard with so many things needing your attention at the same time. Moreover, when you have decided not to take the help of removalists for moving furniture, then things become complex fast.

If you do not have any experience in handling furniture, then it is best to get the cheap furniture moving companies available near your area.

If you are ready enough to brave the tedious work of handling furniture relocation without the help of removalists, then here are the most essential tips you need to follow to the ‘T’.

  • Take Sufficient Help

The very first rule of relocating furniture on your own – never think that a one-person show will work. When you haven’t hired any professional helpers for the move, the basic necessity is to get help from your friends, relatives and neighbours.

Please make a note of the number of furniture that needs to be relocated, the distance for which one has to carry it and then invite people to help you accordingly. Make sure to have an extra set of hands to compensate for those who get tired easily. 

  • Plan the Pathway to the Truck

In a home, there is always some furniture that is so big that it can’t be handled by two or even three people. These are the times when your extensive planning is of utmost importance.

Have a clear plan about how to go about with the relocation. Just getting many people to carry the furniture isn’t going to help.

It would help if you chalked out how you will carry the furniture to the door of the truck. Your house may have some sharp turns, your building may have narrow hallways or escalators that are very tiny or a very small doorway.

During such situations, how will you plan to take the furniture out? Well, this is what you need to plan.

If possible, get the help of those who have experience in relocating big furniture to help with the planning.

This stage of planning should be completed before the people come in to help you with the move.

  • Disassemble the Furniture

Before you think about moving the furniture, you should disassemble the furniture to the very last piece possible.

Some pieces of furniture will be so huge that no matter; however you turn, it cannot fit into the doorway. Sometimes, you may furniture that have a big protruding piece awkwardly interfering when you are carrying it. 

To avoid all these issues, it is best to disassemble the furniture and pack them properly into the appropriate boxes.

This will reduce the size of the furniture you need to carry and will help to easily carry out the furniture to the truck. 

The large pieces of furniture like the wardrobe, almirah, desks, tables, sofas, armchairs and other similar ones should all be disassembled with the help of the manual it comes with.

Make sure to keep those manuals safely as you will need them to assemble the furniture back at your new home.

  • Eliminate Any Dangers on the Pathway

During relocation, the safety of the people is paramount. The relocating house is prone to a lot of accidental hazards on the way that could end up seriously hurting the people.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on the safety of furniture relocation. Before you start carrying things out, take a walk on the pathway through which the things have to be carried. 

Wipe any spilt substances that may be slippery or any objects that could stumble those moving the furniture. 

  • Keep a Constant Check on the Relocation Path

It is quite easy to find boxes, plastic wrappers and papers on the path in which you are carrying the furniture.

Therefore, it is best to keep a constant eye on it to check and clear out that stuff. If there are any danger zones on the path like sudden steep steps or sharp turns, then make sure that it is aware to everyone carrying the stuff.

If it is snowing or raining, then you have to keep a clear path always as and when it accumulates. 

  • Use a Furniture Dolly for Moving Bulky Items

The furniture dolly is a two-wheeled handcraft that is one of the best equipment you can have for furniture relocation. When you have to carry a bulky item over a long distance, you can use this cart to wheel the item to the door of the truck efficiently.

You can rent a furniture dolly from the moving company near you, or if you are hiring removalists for transportation, you can also request them to provide one for you.

  • Slide the Furniture Without Any Damages

You may have wooden floors or carpet under which shouldn’t be damaged in the relocation. During such times, you can use a furniture slider to slide the piece of furniture across the room. 

The furniture slider is made of pieces of plastic and rubber that makes it easy to push even the heavy furniture without lifting it. If you want to move the furniture for a short distance without carrying it, then you can place the furniture slider under the furniture and move it quickly. 

  • Only Use the Proper Lifting Methods

One of the common issues of relocating heavy furniture on your own – one or more persons may get injured, mainly due to the lousy lifting techniques.

There are a few tried and tested lifting techniques that are used by removal companies all over the world. It is best to stick to those instead of trying something on your own.

Make sure to not put more pressure on your back when lifting the items. Overexertion of the back during the relocation could cause serious internal injuries to the spinal cord.

To avoid this, please keep your back straight and bend at your knees. When you feel any pain in the back, rest for a while and stop lifting any more items that affect your back.

  • Follow the ‘High and Low’ Technique of Carrying Heavy Items


When you are carrying a massive cabinet, table or couch, it can be tiring to keep lifting it for more than a few minutes.

That’s why one should know the basic techniques of easing the move of such heavy furniture. One common method that many removalists use while moving furniture is to carry it high and low.

One end of the furniture has to be lifted while the other end has to be held at a lower position. This will enable the weight to spread evenly and keeps the centre of mass at the middle without burdening either one with more weight.

  • Use Shoulder Straps to Evenly Spread the Weight


Carrying big and bulky furniture for a long distance is going to affect a certain area of the body where you exert more pressure – be it your hands, legs, neck or back.

In order to evenly distribute your weight all over the body and keep your spine straight, you can use shoulder straps or shoulder dolly. This also ensures that you have a good grip on the item you carry and are kept safe from any physical damages.

  • Keep the Tall Side Lengthwise

In most places, the distance of the floor to the ceilings are more when compared to the distance between walls. Therefore, it is best to carry the furniture lengthwise to ensure that it doesn’t get stuck anywhere in the middle. 

  • Plan the Furniture Unloading Too

Sometimes, we concentrate on moving out of the place that we forget to make plans for moving in. The same furniture that you have tiringly loaded into the truck is the same furniture you should carry back into your new house.

Therefore, as you plan to move the furniture, don’t forget to chalk out a similar plan for unloading and unpacking the furniture too.

If you want to save yourself from these hassles and dangerous hazards of relocating the furniture, then it is best to hire a good furniture removal company.

CBD Movers Brisbane is one of the best furniture movers, Brisbane, who have more than a decade of experience in helping the people of Brisbane relocate to anywhere in Australia. So if you are looking for a cheap furniture removal company in Brisbane, don’t think twice to contact CBD Movers!

DIY Removal or Professional Removalist


This is one of the biggest confusion for many – should I find my way out of this relocation by innovating the removal or should I get help from a professional removalist?

Well, the answer to this question depends on a lot of factors like the money you are able to spend, the time you can spare and most of all, your skillset. So, if you are torn between going for a man and van services or the DIY way, here are some specific tips to help you choose.

Deciding Between Professional Removalist or DIY Removal

It goes without saying that your comfort in handling the relocation stuff plays a significant part in the decision.

Before you go on to choose based on third-person’s experience, make sure to fully realize what you are getting into and see if you can handle it by yourself. To help you make the right choice, here are a few ideas for you.

Perform Proper Research

The person next door might have done a great job of relocating a three-bedroom apartment all on his own. However, your condition may not be the same as the next person.

It is best to have all the details and the work you need to do with DIY removal before taking a final call. Moreover, let us tell you this before; the DIY way of relocation isn’t as easy as portrayed in the online tips and videos.

For every single item you relocate, you should be aware of the packing ways of the boxes and getting vehicles to relocate them. It requires tons of energy and it is best to make sure that you are ready for it. Ask those people who have done the DIY way and get feedback from them.

Similarly, compare it with the people who have hired experienced removalists and weigh the pros and cons. You can also research online like moving house Brisbane and read the feedback of people on forums and comments to get the full view of what you are getting into.

Factor in the Cost

You may need to spend a considerable amount of money on hiring professional man and van moving services compared to the money you will spend on relocating on your own. This is the primary reason why many opt for the DIY way.

However, let’s consider this situation. When you are trying to do the DIY removal methods, there are high chances of jinxing it up and damaging your stuff permanently. This could, in turn, cost you a lot more than hiring professional removalists.

Therefore, consider these cost factors too when you are considering to do the relocation on your own.

Relocation Insurance for the Safety Net

When you hire professional removalists, most of the experienced removal companies Brisbane have their own insurance plan that covers your goods that gets damaged on the way at the hands of the removalists.

On the other hand, when you are doing the DIY removal, you should research on your own about good relocation insurance and avail it before the relocation.

You may not know which relocation insurance that offers maximum coverage and again you need some help to get the best one for your needs.

Deciding the Vehicle Capacity

During any relocation, you require a proper-sized vehicle in which you can relocate all your stuff efficiently. When you are planning to do the entire relocation by yourself, you have to make the call about the vehicle type and the size of the vehicle to choose for the move.

By taking into account the number of boxes, the appliances and the furniture, you should either see if it can be fit into your own vehicle or if you need to hire a removal. In case you want to go the DIY way, you can do so till the stage of your packing and hire man and van services from any removalist in Brisbane to get the right-sized vehicle with a removalist for help for the move.

Now that you have a good idea of which one to choose – DIY removal or professional removalists let’s tell you a few things about why choosing professional removalists is the right choice in most situations.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Professional Removalist

If you feel that you are not strong enough or do not have a sufficient workforce to make the relocation happen, then it is best to choose a professional removalist from Brisbane.

Selecting an expert removalist is more convenient and comfortable when compared to doing DIY removal. Here are some more reasons for choosing a professional removalist over the DIY removal.

Saves Your Time

Most people in today’s world are always in the dearth of time. Sometimes, even when you think you can take some time to pack your stuff, you may end up with less time on your hands and more work to do.

Therefore, it is best to get the help of professional removalists to save yourself from the stress of handling the enormous task of relocating all the stuff. The removalists will perform the job of packing all your stuff properly in the required boxes in no time and loading it all into the designated vehicles.

This way, you do not have to spend much time working on packing all your stuff.

Avoid Breaking of Stuff

Sometimes, when you do not know the exact procedure to pack or the care you need to take for packing your things, you may end up inadvertently breaking your items when you pack or in the middle of transportation. This could cost you a lot of money and the loss of valuable stuff.

With professional removalists, you do not have to worry about breakages as they are most experienced in it. The professional removalists will know the right way to pack the goods along with the required packing stuff required. They also place the boxes in such a way that even in times of any danger, there is minimal damage to your materials.

Compensation in the form of Relocation Insurance

During the worst scenario of your stuff breaking in the relocation, you will always be duly compensated with the relocation insurance.

All the certified removalists in Brisbane provide relocation insurance that braces you from extreme loss of your property during the relocation. Therefore, you will always be saved from the loss of money due to the damages.

Unloading and Unpacking Made Easy

Just imagine the tiring day you may have had after travelling to your new home. Now imagine the boxes you have to unload from the truck and unpack. Doesn’t that sound terrible?

Well, you can save yourself from all that trouble by hiring professional removalists. These movers will unload every one of your boxes carefully and place it inside the home where you request.

Also, they will unbox the boxes with the appliances and the big furniture and even help with assembling them and placing them at the right place! This way, you can spare yourself from the hectic work of unpacking the house and get the help of removalists to start settling in your home as soon as you reach.

Stress-Free Relocation in the Most Crooked Areas

You may live on the fifth floor that can be accessed only by steps. During this situation, it is impossible for a single person to take down all the stuff and the packed items down to the truck.

Alternatively, your new house may be located in such a place where it is accessed through a crooked alley. In any of these situations, the removalists, with their experience, will have ideas to safely relocate all your stuff without any of them getting damaged.

Prevent Physical Injuries

When you are going the DIY removal way, you may drop the heavy box on your foot or sprain your back with after carrying loads of boxes. Sometimes, these issues can turn to severe physical issues later in your life.

To avoid getting yourself or anybody next to you injured, handing over the job to a professional removal company is the safe option. Do you need a reliable Brisbane removalist for your next relocation?

If so, contact CBD Movers Brisbane, one of the best removalists in Australia who have made a difference in the lives of people who are relocating. CBD Movers Brisbane provides relocation for houses and offices with options for man and van services and storage facilities all over Australia.

How to Safely Move a Pool Table?

How many times you relocated or moved your furniture from one place to the other?

If not even for once, then moving is something which can lead to troublesome situations. Moving from here to there isn’t a pleasing task yet frustrating and can give you a lot of pain.

From furniture to home, when you have to move anything, you need planning and lots of time investment for the task. That’s the same case with a pool table. So you have a pool table at your home and you want to move it to some other place. Maybe you have bought a new apartment in a different city and want it to move there. Or maybe you want to gift your old pool table to your cousin or sibling living in another city away from you.

Pool is a nice game and people find it an amazing way of killing time. From young ones to the elders, everyone plays pool and pretty much enjoys spending time over the table. Also great for family union and small gathering, people love to have a full-sized pool table in their homes. But what do you do when you just simply have to move your lovely pool table from your home? It’s not something you will enjoy doing so, right?

It’s not a child’s play to move a bulky sized pool table. Moving process of a pool table is tiring one. Not to forget that if you have a pool table at your home, it is not among the heaviest items you own but when you have to move it, you will have to follow a tiring process of disassembling the table. While you may think that you would call your mates to help you with it, be sure that even then this task will not give you pleasure.

Also, pool tables are highly delicate and need proper care and attention while moving. You should know that a pool table weighs around 1000 pounds which is something really heavy. Most people prefer DIY for moving a pool table. However, there are a few situations to be considered. One such situation is if you are moving the pool table over a small distance. It can be within the same apartment, just moving to a different location, room or hall. Or you have to move it for long distance such as from one city to the other.

Though, your first thought would be to call your friends and family and get the pool table moved with their help. But since, the table is delicate; you need professional tools and equipment so that the move can be carried out successfully and smoothly without any damage to the table.

Moving pool table not only requires physical strength but it also requires great carpentry skills along with tools and equipment used to disassemble the table. And then you need to call your friends or family members who are well built physically. It should take at least four of them.

Gather all the required materials, tools and supplies for moving the table

The first thing of your project should be to gather all the tools and equipment used to move the table. Your toolbox should have a power drill, socket wrench, moving blanket, screwdrivers, staple removers etc. You buy these supplies from the supply stores easily. Just make a list and visit the store to buy them. Don’t plan of moving pool table if you don’t own all the required tools and equipment.

Rent a nice moving truck for the table

You need a truck or a big sized ute. You can’t move a table in your personal car. A pool table comes in various sizes such as 7ft, 8 ft or 9 ft. Therefore, you can’t move the table in any normal vehicle. You need to rent out a truck for this purpose. A pickup truck would be perfect to rent out for moving your pool table from your home to some other place you are planning it to get transferred. However, make sure that it’s a pickup truck several and the driver or any person with the truck won’t assist you in moving. You yourself will have to do the job. They will only help you load the table in the truck. Check with the truck rental companies and compare their price quotes to find a budget-friendly truck rental service.

Taking the pool table apart

The very first step is to take the pool table apart. You can’t move the table as it is. You need to first remove its parts so that it can be moved through the door easily without any inconvenience. Disassembling a pool table requires one to have a basic knowledge of the pool table construction.

What if you miss a few of the screws or any small part which can be really hard to find again?

The first part is to remove all the six ball pockets of the table through the staples. If these are screwed then you will need a good quality screwdriver to remove the pockets. Now take a socket wrench and tackle the side rails of the pool table. Place all the bolts and screws in separately in a box so that you don’t end up losing them. After this you are required to remove the felt which is on the pool table’s top. With the help of a staple remover, take every staple carefully. Make sure that you don’t rip off the felt and don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Next, are the slates of the table. Be careful since the slates are heavy weighing no less than 400 pounds. Here you will need your friends to lift them up and remove. These slates are screwed to the table hence you need a power drill to unscrew. Once you remove the screws, carefully lift the slate and remove them. After this, you can remove the legs and main body of the table. You may have to put the table upside – down for better access.

Load the pool table in the truck

Once you are done with disassembling the table into different parts, make sure that all the parts are wrapped with protective coverings for extra protection during the transient. The packing material should be of good quality. The parts can be wrapped with bubble wrap. You can use moving blankets. The slates have an immense amount of weight. Thus, you will need extra physical power to lift and load them the truck. The parts being delicate need attention and protection while loading. Mind that you don’t damage any part while loading into the truck. Driving safely is also a thing you should consider. Either you can hire a truck itself and drive on your own or you can hire the truck and the drivers.

Putting the pool table parts all together

It is recommended that you keep the entire process of disassembling pool table in your mind so that you don’t forget the process of reassembling it back to the same position. Or a better thing is to keep a manual which explains how to disassemble and reassemble for a move. Ask your friends to help you in reassembling the table to the same structure, the way it was. Ensure that you are carrying all the screws and staples. You should keep in the small boxes or bag so that you don’t miss them at any place. The first thing to do is attack the legs back to the same place. Next is the slate, the heavy thing is to be placed in the same place. After legs and slates, you have the felt which is to be placed on the top. After this, the next is attaching the pockets and rails. This can be a bit tricky but if you remember everything while disassembling, you can easily do this.

One thing to keep in mind while moving the pool table is to check if the house the hallway has enough space to move the table through the area. Measuring the passage to ensure if the table can be moved through smoothly can help you a lot. Make sure that doors are all open properly. Protect and walls and floor while moving the table.

It is highly recommended that the screws are tightly put back. The leveling of the pool table is very important. The level gets disturbed after disassembling moving the table. If the table’s level isn’t perfect, you will have difficulty while playing on it. You will need to level the pool back again with the help of spirit level or other leveling instruments. You should also consider using moving dollies. You will need 4 dollies for each leg of the table. A pool table lift is also a good option also promises extra safety and reduces the risk of damage to a minimum.

If you don’t want to go through all this pain and struggle, there is one very easy option. You can hire a professional pool table Brisbane Removalists. CBD Movers Brisbane are one such professional and experienced pool table removalists who carry out the move process with complete safety and guarantees no damage. They have moving vehicles, highly trained team who can move pool table safely without any damage for over long distance be it within the city or interstate move.

They are professional removalist and offer great customer services with peace of mind. A leading moving company in Brisbane, CBD Movers can help you with stress-free home or office move as well. They do amazing packing services offering you excellent services. Their friendly team takes care of everything, be it fragile items or heavy bulky furniture. Your belongings will be moved in high-quality strong moving boxes for overall safety. If you in search of economical interstate removalists in Brisbane, you should contact CBD Movers for unparalleled moving service. Enjoy stress-free move with a great team of removal experts.

10 Things You Need to Do Before Relocating Your Home

Things to do before relocating

Many congratulations on getting your dream job or finding a new living place that is best suited for your family.

Whatever may be the reason for your shift, you must be excited to enjoy a new life. And why not!

But the most daunting part of the entire process is moving your belongings. You may be getting haunted by the fear of forgetting something important or not having everything done by the big moving day.

And nobody can blame you for having these fears. Just planning for an abroad trip can make us feel stressed, so imagine how it may feel to move permanently to a different location.

To help you get through this, we have compiled 10 things you need to know before relocating permanently. Just keep these tips in mind before you step on the plane. 

1. Know the Cost of Living

The first thing is to know how much a dollar holds value in the new city. You should begin with researching housing, healthcare, transportation, and food rates to make a budget.

It’s always a great idea to research things beforehand to see if you can afford the place. You should make yourself familiar with the online housing listings, transportation, electricity, and also with restaurant menus.

2. Figure-out Your Way

You need to calculate how you can manage your daily budget and save from your salary. And if you think you couldn’t save much with the salary then you probably need to tighten your wallet.

In case you don’t have found a job in the new place, it’s essential to figure out days you can survive with your savings.

Don’t forget: You need extra cash initially as you won’t be cooking at your new home till the time you are settled in completely.

3. Look-out for Transportation Options

Choose whether you will use public transport or drive a car? If you want to go with the latter option, look for a parking and storage space.

While if you are planning to rely on public transport, figure out the best service available around you. You should research to find which tube or bus has frequent and reliable service.

4. Make a Strategic Packing Plan

Before packing your belongings in boxes, keep the unpacking plan in your mind. House Removals in Brisbane advise their customers to pack non-essential items first.

These include things that you won’t need for weeks just like home decors and books.

Similarly, pack your essential items like toiletries and dinnerware in the end. This is also the best time to declutter your belongings. You can either hold a garage sale or donate them to the charity.

And most importantly, pack your important records and documents in a clearly labelled folder.

5. Schedule and Transfer Utilities

Don’t forget to inform your utility companies about your moving. If you know the address of your new states then schedule a date and time for installation or transfer.

The unities include internet, cable, sewer, water, electricity, gas, and security system.

6. Redirect Your Mail

Luckily you can forward your emails ahead of time. Just visit and select the date you want to forward your mail.

7. Get New Driver’s License

Get yourself a new driver’s license if you are willing to drive in the new state. State’s DMV will have to issue a new driver’s license to you.

But before that, check the requirement as many States ask new residents to complete a certain time window.

Even though the requirement to transfer driver license may differ, you will need residency proof, identification proof, and social security number.

8. Taxes

You may see different tax laws in State that can impact your paycheck. Nobody likes to get surprised on tax season.

So we recommend you to verify requirements from the property tax, income tax and sales tax in the new state.

9. Pay a visit to your new place before the move

Do pay a visit if you can before permanently moving to the new place. This will help you get familiar with people, location, culture and everything else.

You can easily figure out whether you want to live there or not.

10. Research for a Moving Company

You need to look for a trustworthy and reliable moving company to make your move seamless. When looking for movers in Brisbane, go with a reputed and affordable company.

We recommend you to get at least three quotes from Brisbane Removalists. This will help you to compare and stay assured that you are in good hands.

You can make your moving day stress-free with a little planning. These tips will help you stay on the right track.

And if you are left with some time, throw a party to say goodbye to your known ones. This way you will leave the city with good terms.

Effective Tips to Hire Expert Professional Removalists in Brisbane?

 Are you moving to Brisbane? You are not alone! This place has so much to offer right from its amazing economy to art scene and culture.

Tips to Hire Brisbane RemovalistJust like many other people, you must be tempted to conduct the whole process with the help of your friends. However, this seems to be a successful plan until you have to execute it.

Your DIY process becomes a hundred times tougher when you don’t have the right equipment and trained people. To add-on to the complication, you have to pick your life and help kids adjust to their new surroundings.

If you are moving to another city, it becomes logistically impossible to make multiple trips.

This is why hiring a professional removalist is highly recommended. However, choosing the right moving company is no easy task with lots of interstate furniture removals and moving companies popping out from everywhere.

Let’s see where you can get the best interstate Removalists in Brisbane

1. Ask for Recommendations

Start your search by asking your friends and colleagues for recommendations. You can contact real estate agents to inform you about some best local moving companies.

2. Check Online Reviews

Customers usually post their experiences and feedback on websites or any other social platform. This is a great source of information to know about the work efficiency and professionalism of the staff.

3. Informative website

Check the website of the company to get insights about the history and their moving procedure. It’s hard to put trust without enough information about the company. If you are not satisfied with the company then better go with other options.

Here are a few things you need to consider when hiring a professional removalist in Brisbane

Now you are all set to select from the moving companies. But just hiring any moving company will not make your move seamless. You need to find a company that can fulfill all your moving aspects- such as unpacking and moving your furniture. Here are a few tips on how to evaluate the selected companies:

1. Take Distance into Consideration

Removalists in Brisbane have different policies for travel fees. It is recommended to go with a company that is within 20Km from your pick up or destination. This will save you cost and time.

2. Get your complimentary quotes

The best moving companies will like to come and offer you an all-inclusive quote. This helps you reduce stress and get advice on dissembling your large items and storage options.

3. Pay attention to a company presence

When looking for interstate furniture removalists in Brisbane or any other part of Australia, we suggest choosing an experienced and reputable company that has a strong reputation and presence.

What is the best way to find removalists in Brisbane?

Who doesn’t want to find a cheap removalist in Brisbane? Here are some questions you need to ask to ensure you hire the best removalist in Brisbane.

1. Cost of Removal Service

Indeed you will like to know if the service is within your budget. Your inquiry shouldn’t end here; you should ask them to break down the price to know what exactly you are paying for.

  • Ask them how many teams members are coming if they quote based on an hourly basis
  • If they offer package deal then inquire about the service included
  • Do ask them about the time, tolls, petrol, parking, and any other extra fees

2. Do Ask for Reference

What better way to ask for feedback from previous clients. You can also check for ratings on Google review and other online platforms.

3. Insurance Coverage

Check if the moving company offers you insurance coverage for your belongings.

4. Confirm about the Restrictions

Some moving companies don’t prefer shifting expensive items or perishable goods while others don’t have the equipment to move the piano and pool table. It’s advised to know their limitation to make arrangements beforehand.

5. Deposit

Some companies ask for a big advance payment. You need to set clear terms with the company before hiring it.

6. Experience

Ask them if they will provide you with an experienced supervising person.

Why hire furniture removalists for a Local Move?

People having local move usually think they can move the furniture on their own. However, this is not the case. At the execution time, they realize how difficult it is for amateurs to move a heavy piece of furniture.

Making several rounds in a single day can impact the body and eventually they stop being careful as they were in the beginning.

  • Professional furniture removalist can handle your heavy stuff and can navigate stairs.
  • Your furniture gets installed in the same condition at your new place
  • The furniture company comes insured. You don’t have to pay anything in case of an accident occurs.
  • Professional movers are experienced and possess the skills to make it fast and effective.
  • They are flexible and can perform the job when you have off and also on the day of the move.

What packing materials should be used to ensure complete safety of the items?

So you are taking charge of packing your belongings? The packing process is more complex than you think. You need to keep the safety of your belongings by packing them well. The right packing material can make a huge difference. Here are a few packing materials you need to use for complete safety:

1. Moving boxes

You can pack things that can’t be damaged like kitchen boxes. Buy moving boxes with different sizes to pack items with different sizes and shapes.

2. Specialty boxes

  • Wardrobe boxes can be used to pack your clothes
  • Heavy duty boxes are double walled boxes. You can pack plants, lamp, and other delicate items in it
  • Cell kits are great options for small and fragile items. You can place these items in a single cell to protect them.
  • Electronic boxes can be used to pack computers, monitors, electronic goods that need more protection

3. Wrapping Paper

You can use it to wrap the delicate items and fill in the gaps. An alternative to this is brown craft paper and newspaper.

4. Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wraps to pack your delicate and fragile items.

5. Packing Peanut

It can be used to fill the space in boxes regardless of shape and size. It provides padding and protection to sensitive items.

6. Wrapping Foam

You must use wrapping foam for heavyweight items like washing machine and refrigerator.

7. Moving Blankets

You can use moving blankets to wrap wardrobes and big furniture to protect denting and scratches.

8. Labels

You have to correctly label boxes to locate them with ease when unpacking.

9. Box cutters

Box cutter will provide great help at your new location to open the boxes.

10. Packing tapes

You should seal boxes and wrap packing tape around them to secure your items.

There are tons of removalist companies available to conduct move in Brisbane. We understand that it becomes difficult for you to select one removalist company that you can trust.

Hope these tips will help you give a head start to discover the right company for your move. Do ask as many questions as you want and stay assured about the company you hire.

Hope these tips on packing and hiring a moving company will help you relocate safely. If you have performed relocation before the do share your experience with us by commenting below.

Moving to Brisbane: 10 Awesome Reasons to Live in Brisbane


Brisbane is one of the most wholesome cities in Australia though it is often overlooked by the likes of Sydney and Melbourne.
Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is no dearth of diverse attractive factors that makes people fall in love with it.
If you are contemplating about moving to Brisbane, don’t think. Just do it! Here are some of the reasons why living in Brisbane will make your life awesome.

  1. The Sunshine Capital of Australia

If you are the one who loves to bask all days in bright sunshine, then this is it.
The weather in Brisbane is warm for a majority of days with a few days of winter.
Since it is geographically placed in the subtropical region, Brisbane has beautiful sunshine that lits up the entire city all day long.
If shorts and T-shirts are your things, you can wear it all year long here!

2. Australia’s Most Sustainable City

Brisbane has numerous parks and over 2500 species of plant life.
Brisbane is one of the popular cities in Australia for keeping the balance in the ecosystem even with the modern developments going around.
You can have a nice walk around the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary present in the western suburbs of Brisbane.
This is the world’s first and largest sanctuary for koala present just near the Brisbane river.
Apart from this, you can also visit the City Botanic Gardens which is a luxurious haven for various species of plants and one of the calmest places in Brisbane to just hang out, relax or have a quiet picnic.

3. The Airy Beach Scenes

brisbane beach

As Brisbane is present in the coastline with summer season for the most of the year, the beaches are of the most popular hangout spots for the locals.
You have many beaches to choose from, have a picnic and take a dip in the water.
The most common beach locations in Brisbane are the Ocean Beach and Woorim Beach. Woorim Beach is right for those who love to spend a quiet evening walking, relaxing and swimming.

The Bribie Island is a small sand island on the coast of Brisbane where there are several small beaches to just chill.
You can also go for kayaking and skydive in this island or just enjoy a romantic evening with your loved ones.
If you are the one who loves beaches and want to spend an entire day exploring, then Bribie Island is right for you.

4. Multicultural, Welcoming City

Brisbane has people from various cultures living together and therefore the festive scenes in Brisbane is a combination of multiple communities coming together.
This is evident from the celebrations held in Brisbane all around the year including the Paniyiri Greek festival, BrisAsia festival and Oktoberfest, Australia’s largest important event.

Even in the suburbs of Brisbane, you can find people from various parts of the world living together in harmony.
While Asians are the second highest population in most of the suburbs in Brisbane, there are also a lot of people from Europe and America who have made Brisbane their home.

5. Celebration of Arts

Brisbane is a rich cultural blend of arts and is one hotspot for those who love to explore the cultural heritage of history.
If you are one who loves to visit the historic buildings, you can go for a tour to the Australian Parliament House in Brisbane which now functions as the Queensland Parliament.
Built in the year 1867, this is a French Renaissance Revival building that has beautiful decors and carvings depicting the olden ways.

You can also visit the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) which is the largest modern art gallery of Australia, Museum of Brisbane and the Maritime Museum.
You can also head to the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts which is known for its underground arts culture of having several regular theatre and cabaret.
The Brisbane Powerhouse is another theatre which features plays and concerts.

6. The Affordable Cost of Living

Unlike the other cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is home to affordable housing properties and overall cheap cost of living with all the benefits of the city.
Though the real estate prices of the Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne have been increasing in the last few years, Brisbane has reasonable pricing.
You can lead a good quality of life on a simple salary in Brisbane which is not possible in the other top cities of Australia.
If you are the one who is looking to buy your house or property, then Brisbane is the best option.
Within just a few years of moving here, you can save up a sizable amount and buy a decent place of your own to live in.

The Northern suburbs is said to be the home of some of the Brisbane’s most liveable suburbs and has affordable housing safe for families.
The western suburbs is one of the in-demand suburban regions of Brisbane due to its proximity to the University of Queensland which also ensures that it has cheap properties for the students.
The inner suburbs of Brisbane is the home to some of the hippest and oldest ones which great public schools, vibrant communities and budget-friendly homes.

7. Vast Employment Opportunities

employment in brisbane

Contrast to what many think, Brisbane has many employment opportunities for people in various sectors.
Some of the major industries in Brisbane are manufacturing, finance, tourism and agriculture.
Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in Brisbane contributing a significant portion to the GDP of the state.
It employs around 95,000 people and has many career options for industrial engineers and people from this sector.

8. Great Educational Opportunities

university compressor

Brisbane is one of the popular hubs for many students from foreign countries to pursue higher studies.
Due to its world-class educational facilities and top-tier universities like Queensland University and Griffin University, many students from all over the world prefer Brisbane. Also, the student accommodation options are quietly affordable which makes it easy for students to concentrate on their courses without worrying about financial issues.

9. Easy Transportation Options

Brisbane has an excellent public transport system making it easy for the locals to move around.
There are multiple transport options in Brisbane like the TransLink public transport services, regional bus services that run in the suburbs and the CityHopper ferry services through the Brisbane river.
The students of Brisbane get a concession of 50% in most of the public transport services. There is also a free ferry that travels between the South Bank to the Kangaroo Point which is located between the southern suburbs and the eastern suburbs of Brisbane.

Apart from this, one can also take a cycle for short distance travels from the CityCycle which is also an affordable and eco-friendly option to move about in the city.
Among the suburban regions of Brisbane, the eastern suburb is said to be one of the most well-connected places through public transport.

10.Numerous Hangout Spots for People with Different Tastes

brisbane tourist

The best thing about Brisbane is the combination of the leisure activities it has for people from different walks of life and of varying tastes.
While beaches are the popular go-to option for many, there are also several other places to explore and enjoy.
For those who like to spend an entire day shopping till you drop, the Queen Street Mall is the best option.
If you are new to the state or just want to explore the areas, you can take a Queensland Trip around the different areas and exploring new places.

If you are the one who loves to be adventurous, then the Story Bridge Adventure Climb is a must! You will enjoy a panoramic view of the Brisbane as you walk in groups in safety harnesses over the Brisbane’s cantilever bridge.
This walk will go on for about 2 hours where you can enjoy the beauty of Brisbane and have a different perspective of the city.

Another exciting activity to do in Brisbane is the Moreton Island Day Trip.
There are several trip options for those who want to explore Moreton Island which includes a combination of sandboarding, kayaking, snorkeling and walking on enormous sand dunes.
You can also enjoy the sunset safaris on the island and have a blast relaxing, eating the local food all the while enjoying the view of the sun and the sea.

Another one for the nature lovers is the Kangaroo Point Cliffs which are heritage-listed cliffs present near the Brisbane river.
This is a leisure spot for those who want to hang out and have a picnic with the views of the cliff, river and the sun.

Brisbane is a colorful city with a mix of everything you need to lead a good lifestyle. Are you considering to move to Brisbane? If so, then contact CBD Movers Brisbane to find affordable relocation options to quickly move and set up your home at this vibrant city.

Interstate Moving Checklist: Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving Interstate

Interstate Moving Checklist

Planning to move interstate? Well, there are a lot of efforts involved in planning the move, right from packing to looking for cost-effective ways. These aspects make moving interstate a tricky process. But, it doesn’t have to be that way always!

Here is a moving interstate checklist to help you carry out the move without any stress. You can track your moving process through this list.

First, we will start with some of the packing supplies that you will need during the move:

• Packing boxes
• Packing tape
• Plastic wrap
• Bubble wrap
• Labels to mark all items
• Permanent markers
• String


Before the Move

You should start searching for the removalist company a month before your move. This way you will get a better rate and a flexible date. It is recommended not to buy anything after the removalist company has performed the inspection. Doing such a thing will make it difficult for them to adjust your items in the truck.

You also need to know that certain items may take time to arrive when it’s a big move. So it is better to prioritize your items before.

a) Sort your belongings
Start with separating your belongings into three different sections. Your first section should have everything that you want to take with you.
The second section should have items that you don’t need and either want to sell online or donate to charity.
The third section should have things that are damaged.

b) Make a Plan
Separate your belongings that you need to sell online and deposit clothes that you intend to donate at your local charity.

c) Get your luggage, suitcases and empty containers together
You can use suitcases, and empty containers to transport items safely. This way you don’t have to buy packing materials and can keep your items secured as well. The luggage and suitcases are more resistant to damage than the cardboard boxes. So, you can store your fragile items in them.


Three weeks before the move

Now is the time to collect your packing material and begin with the packing process. You should leave the kitchenware, cutlery, and bed for the last minute packing. These items are required in the final week as well. You can start by dismantling your furniture to avoid getting confused at the last minute. Keep the screws and bolts of the furniture together in a plastic bag.

Some of the general checks are:

• Find packing materials from your local store. You should try to get boxes of the same size as it saves space in the truck allowing the truck to load more. There are some companies that allow customers to return the packing boxes after their move. You might want to buy the packing paper from them.

• Change your address at every important organization.

• Pack important paperwork that includes financial records, medical records, official documents, and identification. Carefully label these boxes so that you don’t lose them on your way.

• Schedule time to visit your friends and family members. You can share the new contact details with them.


This must be the most frantic time of your move. You need to keep yourself organized and follow the schedule.

Here are some helpful tips:

• Clear kitchen shelves and cabinet but retain the food items that you need for the last few days.
• Pack an overnight bag for after you arrive at your new home. You can keep toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, bath items, medication, and other personal items in it.
• Label your heavy and fragile items to help movers. This way they can take appropriate precautions when handling heavier boxes.
• Hire a professional cleaner to make your home ready for your next tenants or new homeowners.


Moving Day

By this time, all your belongings should be packed to make the interstate move. The first things should be to arrange parking space for your moving vehicle.

You can put the storage boxes at one place to make the loading process quicker. Don’t forget to label the boxes clearly.

Some important steps include:

• Check the pick-up time to get an idea about the schedule with your removalist company.
• Make your pet and children ready for the move and don’t forget to have a light breakfast.
• You must supervise the movers when they are loading different items in the moving truck.
• Keep all your valuables and important documents with you.
• Do a final walk-through after all the items have been removed


Interstate moves can be costly especially if you have to transport a lot of items. There are many options that you can choose from and some of them are listed below:

• With or without packing
Some interstate moving company gives packing service as an option. So you can skip this service and handle the packing process by yourself. And some other companies offer free packing materials like ties, boxes, and tapes so, you don’t have to buy them separately.

• You can also go for Backloading option for people who want to save money on the move. Your belongings will be transported to the new place in a shared truck with other consignments. This is an affordable and popular alternative to hiring a full truck.

• Full long-distance move
If you want to save your efforts and time then go for hiring a full truck. This can be costly as it includes everything from packing to unpacking. You don’t have to lift a needle during the entire interstate move.

• Single item or Furniture Removal
Interstate moving companies that usually offer back-loading also provide single furniture or item removal service. You can transport your piano or pool table from one state to another.

You can also hire vans to transport single large items. This option is more expensive than back-loading but also gives you more control over pick-up and delivery time. This method minimizes the risk of damage.

Discuss with a reputed interstate moving company and determine the plan that suits you. It’s crucial to discuss the moving strategy with your mover before you finalize them. Be sure to go with a company that doesn’t have insurance problems and hidden costs.

Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes at Relocation Time

Be it moving locally, across states or to another country, relocation always comes with its own share of hurdles and difficulties. A lot can go wrong during the relocation given the kind of multi-tasking you have to do.
It is best to hire removalists to help in moving your home. But if you are planning to do everything on your own, here are some of the common mistakes that you can avoid and save your time and energy.

Packing Every Single Thing You Own

packing everything

It is understandable that you don’t want to part with that old jacket from your teenage days that doesn’t fit you now and probably never will. But it is important to cut down all the unnecessary clutter for which you are spending your time in packing.

Before you start the actual packing, it is important to do a complete purge. TAKE a box with you and raid every single cupboard in your home. Put all those things you never used or will never want in your new place in it. Some even create a ground rule of throwing away things that haven’t been used in five years or anything that is under a $100. It is your own rules to make up to reduce the amount of stuff you will carry to your new home.

This will greatly reduce the number of boxes and you can also save yourself from the extra hours of packing.

Underestimating Your Packing Materials


Generally, to pack all your stuff, you may get the boxes from the supermarket and from hardware stores. While getting these boxes and the other packing supplies like bubble wraps, packing tapes, wrapping paper, etc, it is always best to buy some extra than you have estimated. There will always be some extra items that need to be packed at the last minute lying hidden under the bed. Or, you may have calculated the quantity wrong.

Getting extra packing supplies will cost you a few bucks but it will greatly help you when you are in the middle of packing and have suddenly run out of packing tape or bubble wraps.

Not Labelling The Boxes Right

When you pack, you may be concentrated only on getting the work done soon now. It is also important to consider the amount of work you will have when you reach the new place – all the cleaning and unpacking.

To save you some time and simplify your unpacking work, it is important to label the boxes right and clear. Mention the items present in the box so that you can easily access them among the huge stacks of boxes in your new home. Also, mention the room it was taken from. Some write these details on the box itself while some go for color coding. You can choose whatever is the easiest for you.

While writing on the boxes, write it in huge capital letters with permanent markers so that they can clear and legible even when you access it after a week.

Watch this video to know the right ways to label your boxes:

Incorrect Loading Methods

This is one of the main concerns when you handle the relocation on your own. Moving your things to the vehicle for transportation is one important part where you need to be extra careful. If you are not lifting the boxes in the right way or if you are doing too lifting, then there are chances that you might get sprains, cramps or sometimes worse, bleeding injuries due to accidents.

You can get some equipment that the house movers use for lifting and carrying the heavy objects which will ease your load. But be careful while using this equipment as improper usage of these will again lead to physical harm.

To avoid all such issues that come with handling the entire relocation on your own, you can hire professional removalists. CBD Movers Brisbane are one of the best moving companies in Brisbane who can move your home and office both locally and interstate.

You can hire specialist removalists for packing and moving only heavy objects like furniture and appliances. These removalists from Brisbane are known to be one of the most experienced furniture movers, Brisbane and you can contact now for your relocation.

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Reliable Furniture Removalists of Brisbane 

How Much Time Removalists Take To Pack And Unpack House

What Makes Us The Most Reliable Furniture Removalist?

The one major thing that makes us first choice of our customers is the high level of importance we have for our customers. All of our house and office relocating services are customized in such a way that it wholly satisfies every need of our customers.

Though there are a lot of furniture movers in Brisbane to choose from, finding reliable and affordable movers in Brisbane is always a tough job. Most of the customers have a lot of worries going on in their mind about hiring a furniture removal services – the safety of the things during transportation, the reliability of the movers, the handling of their valuable stuff and so on. But luckily, none of our customers is burdened with such unnecessary worries. All our customers of CBD Movers Brisbane get a completely satisfying removals service without any stress.

Choosing A Reputable Furniture Movers Brisbane

Furniture Removalist

Earning our customers’ trust and growing to the top of the furniture removals is no easy feat. By getting constant feedback from our customers and working to solve more of their relocation issues, we were able to come up with a complete package to help our customers feel cared for and attended.

All our moving professionals are highly trained and experienced with some of them having more than a decade of experience in the furniture removals industry. As our removalists take extraordinary care with every piece of furniture in packing and transportation, our customers are always at the end of our service.

In fact, a lot of our customers come back to us for any other relocation needs because of the promising service we provide. We get thousands of customers as referrals from our previous happy customers in a year and the count of our happy customers keep on growing.

A reputable house removal agency should be able to keep their word given to the customers and provide one of the top-notch services the customers deserve. In spite of any hurdles during any local or interstate moving process, a good relocation company should be able to bounce back and still manage to keep the stress off from the customers and give them the best service promised.

CBD Movers Brisbane are all of that and much more. In any event of issues due to external factors during transportation or any changes from the customer’s side, we always put our customers and their priorities first.’

A Customized Range of Furniture Removal Services

At CBD Movers, we have various removal packages based on the needs of the customers. Being experienced budget moving in Brisbane, all our services are affordable and pocket-friendly to all.

We have a thorough process of packing all kinds of furniture to ensure that it is kept safe during transportation. Be it an antique dining table or a huge piano, our  removalists Brisbane can pack it securely to prevent any kind of damages to your things even in the most unexpected situations. Our moving team is pros at dismantling, packing and refitting the furniture in the exact condition it was in.

Moving Truck

We have various capacities of trucks at our disposal depending on the volume of your things. We always sit down with our customers before the relocation process to understand their essential needs and budget and come up with a customized plan specifically for them. Once the customer has hired us, we take it as our own responsibility to give our customer a completely stress-free moving experience with extra safety to their things.

We also offer storage facilities to keep your furniture and any other stuff locked up under tight security for a few weeks during your relocation or even for a much longer time for storing some extra stuff.

We are one of the few removalists who can provide you insurance along with your furniture removals package giving you more confidence in our services.

Want to hire CBD Movers Brisbane for your next furniture relocation?

Contact us right now and book us for your move. You can also get a free quote immediately and a consultation with our relocation specialists.

4 Common Mistakes People Make When Moving to A New Apartment

Many prefer to live in an apartment comes as it comes with a lot of benefits like less maintenance, easy accessibility, and less responsibility. As easy and comfortable as all these sounds, moving into an apartment comes with its own share of issues. If you have awareness of all these issues beforehand, then your move to your new apartment will go without a hitch.

Here are the four common mistakes that people generally make or factors they overlook while moving to a new apartment.

Taking everything to your new place

If you think pack everything you own to your new home is a good idea, then it is time to think about it twice. You may have a lot of things that take up a lot of unwanted space in your home and taking all that junk to your new home is only going to make you work twice extra and increase the number of boxes you have to carry. The smart way is to go through all the things you have and pack only those that you can see yourself using in the near future.
Leave out all those remaining things from taking to your new apartment. You can always give those things out for charity or sell it in online websites if they are of good condition.

Surprise the apartment manager on your moving day

Some think that just because you have already rented out the apartment means you can move in any day or any time you want. But that’s not the case always.
Some apartments have certain rules and regulations about moving in as it may cause a lot of disturbance to the other tenants. Therefore, before finalizing your moving day and time and informing your removalists about it, check in with the apartment manager first.

Not considering the doorway size for moving the furniture

Even the biggest apartments have the smallest doorways and sometimes, we don’t properly register the size of the doorway when visiting a new apartment. It is possible that the doorway to your apartment might be smaller than the size of your furniture which can cause huge issues while moving in.

It is always best to have a look at the apartment and take accurate measurements of the height and width of the entrance. Also, check if your apartment has an elevator and if the furniture can fit into it. If not, then you will have to consider the sizes for the net possibility – the staircase. Take measurements of the staircase and specifically at the corners to see if the furniture can be carried around comfortably.

Delaying in hiring the removalists

Hiring the removalists is an important process in your relocation. A good removal company can save you from a lot of headache and mishaps that happen during a move. Many put off searching and hiring proper removal services till the last minute that they generally have no time left to properly enquire and research about the removalists. Else, even if they did do the complete research, they wouldn’t be able to get quality removalists for their move as most of the experienced removalists will be booked earlier.

Just make sure you never compromise on hiring movers.

Especially when you are planning to move on a holiday or a weekend, it is important to finalize the removalists and as soon as possible. Before informing the removalists about the date, make sure that you have spoken with the apartment manager, got all your leaves sanctioned from your office and most of all, ensure that you will be ready with all the packed items.

If your apartment is on a higher floor, then make sure to let the removalists know about that. If your apartment doesn’t have an elevator, you will also need to let them about it. The house removals experts will come in ready with all the proper equipment for the move if you let them know in advance.

CBD Movers Brisbane can help you move into an apartment comfortably without any stress. We work on all holidays and weekends and have been in the relocation industry for more than a decade. For a safe relocation, give us a call now!

Everything You Need to Know About Moving A Fridge

Moving electrical appliances need extra care and attention at the time of moving. Unlike many other appliances, a fridge needs proper prepping at least starting a day or two before the moving day. Not giving its due attention while relocation is the most negligent thing you can do during your relocation.

From getting your fridge ready for packing to handling its transportation, here is everything you need to know about relocating a fridge.

Getting the fridge ready for relocation

Cleaning out the food from the fridge

cleaning fridge

This has always been one of the difficult stages of packing a fridge for which you need at least a week’s planning. When you already know that your relocation is two weeks away, start planning to consume the things you keep in the fridge. There is no point in moving the things you keep in the fridge as most of it will be perishable. In case if you are moving just an hour or two away, then you can maybe carry some of the items like eggs and a few other vegetables to your new house. If not, it is always better to use it.

Start using the fruits, vegetables, milk, leftover dishes, etc 10 days before the day of relocation. Stop going to the grocery store to get more food items; just concentrate on completing what you have at hand. In case if you still have some extra, you can have a going away party and use the leftover items from your kitchen to make the dinner. Else, it is best to give away the food items or in the worst case, throw it away.

Unplug the fridge

You need to unplug your fridge at least a day before you move. This should be the time when your fridge is absolutely empty; even if not, you have to take it all out, clean it and let it dry.

Do not close the fridge after you unplug it. Keep it open till the time you need to pack and make sure that there is no moisture inside.

Taking out the removable parts

If your fridge has removable shelves as most fridges have, then you can remove them, clean them, dry them and pack separately. In fact, moving your fridge with the removable shelves intact can lead to its breakage as most of the removable shelves are made of breakable glass.

Relocating the fridge

Packing the fridge

fridge removal

When your fridge is ready for relocation, then it is time to pack it. You can first start by packing the removable shelves separately. Wrap every single shelf separately in packing paper and bubble wrap and place it in a box. Keep sufficient packing materials at the bottom of the box to absorb any shock and not let it get to the glass shelves. Place the shelves vertically in the box and fill in the empty gaps with bubble wraps or any other towels you have.

Don’t forget to mark this box as fragile so that the removalists can handle it with extra care.

When it comes to packing the fridge, start with closing the door and typing a rope around the fridge so that the door doesn’t flap during the relocation. In case if you are relocating interstate, you may want to pack your fridge. If you have the box that the fridge originally came in, it will be the best option to pack it in. In case if you don’t have that, you can get a similar sized box at the local stores or you can ask the removalists for one. Securely pack the fridge with bubble wraps all around. Mark on the box indicating which side is up.

Transporting the fridge

Once you have packed the fridge, it isn’t easy to carry it to the truck without any extra help. You will need two or more people to carry the fridge and may need to use trolley for it. If your house is at a higher level accessible only by stairs, then you may need more appropriate equipment to carefully move it down to the truck.

You can hire proper removalist services to handle the relocation of your fridge. CBD Movers Brisbane can help you relocate all your appliances without any effort of your own! Give us a call now at 0434-630-828 to book us for your relocation.

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Simple Yet Smart Tips to Pack Fragile Items

The very first nightmare that everyone faces during relocation is the breakage of the fragile items. We have a lot of fragile items lying around in our house and it is impossible to leave them all behind. Be it from our living room, bedroom or kitchen, every room has some breakable item or the other.

Fragile Items

You need to pay enough attention while packing these fragile items and with a few tips you will be good to preserve your fragile items safely till the time you unwrap them in your new house!

The right packing materials

Packing materials are everything for a foolproof packing. Without the right packing materials, how much ever you think you have wrapped and carefully packed your breakables, something is bound to break.

To start with moving house, it is important to choose those packing materials that don’t leave a scratch on these fragile items. Make sure that there wouldn’t be any sharp item or item that might transfer color to the other materials in some special occasion.

Some of the necessary packing materials to have are packing paper, bubble wraps, boxes of proper sizes and sturdiness, packing tapes and plastic wrapping. It is important to have a sufficient quantity of these packing materials to ensure that your packing isn’t interrupted because you have run out of boxes.

While collecting the boxes for your fragile items, keep in mind the sizes, weight and its quantity. If there are some bigger items like frames and such, then try to pack them in its original box. If you can’t find the original box, then try to get a box that is closer to the original one. It is best to have some boxes in extra instead of getting just the right amount of boxes.

Depending on the kind of fragile materials you are packing, you need to improvise and get the appropriate packing material for it. If you are unable to find packing materials, contact the removalists you hired and request them to arrange it for you.

How to pack fragile items

To help you start with, we will now see how to pack some of the basic fragile items that can be found in all households.



For plates pick a box that is just a bit taller than the plates. Wrap each of the plates individually with packing paper and place them vertically inside the box. This will help you store more plates in a single box easily without cluttering it. To be on the safer side, you can use bubble wrapping or any other cushioning material in between two plates. Don’t forget to pack the bottom and top of the box with bubble wraps and packing paper to bear any shocks.

Don’t try to add more plates in the box when it is already full. Leave a bit of breathing space in the box, add some bubble wraps on the top and seal the box.



Like the plates, line the top and bottom with packing materials. Wrap each glass with packing paper on the outside from the bottom and stuff the excess packing paper into the mouth of the glass. If you are packing wine glasses, then wrap some packing paper separately on its stem before wrapping the whole piece in another packing paper.

If there is more space inside the glass, then stuff in more packing material. Line the glass orderly inside the box. For the gaps present in between the glasses, use more packing material to ensure that the glasses do not move during transportation.

Mirrors and pictures

mirrors and frames

When packing fragile, thin, square and rectangular objects like mirrors and framed pictures, you need to find the right sized box for it first.

Make an X mark with the tape from the corners of the mirror or the picture to ensure that the glass doesn’t move or even if it breaks, doesn’t harm the picture inside or scar you when you unpack it. Cover it entirely in packing paper all around and secure it with packing tapes. You can also wrap it once in bubble wrap and place it inside the box. Or, you can place it inside the box and stuff the empty gaps with bubble wraps all around. Make sure that there isn’t enough space for the mirror or the picture to move around inside the box. And then tape the box shut tightly with packing tape.

You can check our other article on packing hacks for the house move to help you get more clarity

Why It Is Best to Steer Clear Away from Inexperienced Cheap Removalists

Moving to a new home comes with its own share of happiness and problems; the problems majorly being related to relocating your things. When you have a lot on your plate, you tend to slip away a bit. You have to manage your work, family and home relocation all together and there may be times when you may not spend the required time on making a decision such as hiring proper removalists.

The problems with hiring inexperienced removalists


When you hire the first removalist you come across in your search without giving its proper research, then chances are you may end up getting some inexperienced ones who will only add to your burden.

You want to hire removalists because you want them to do a good portion of your packing and relocation job and relieve you from all the fuzzy details of the relocation. But when you hire inexperienced ones, they can further cause trouble to your list of issues and in the end, it will be you who has to tend to all of it.

1. Damages to your items – These inexperienced removalists can damage your items during the relocation. It is mainly because they do not have the right practical experience to work without any issues. Some of these removal companies will have inexperienced, low paid staff who wouldn’t care enough to take precautions while carrying your things or give enough attention while packing fragile items. In the end, it will be your things that will be damaged.

2. Last minute cancellations – Another problem that comes with hiring these inexperienced furniture removalists is that they can cancel any time leaving you in the lurch! Some of these removalists do not have any sense of responsibility and are therefore not reliable when it comes to punctuality or keeping their word. As they don’t have the experience to run removal services, they would have overbooked or double booked on the same day or will not have any alternative options when one of their truck gets in any trouble.

You may have called a number of times earlier to confirm the date and time of the booking. Even then, they can cancel you at the last minute without giving any alternative options or any proper reasons.

3. Relocation scams – There are some relocation companies that are majorly run on scams. They may look all legit on the front and will actually offer you some relocation services but they will have all the reasons to charge you extra at every chance they get. These are some of the companies that offer the cheapest relocation costs. They will keep slowly adding and charging you more and more every tiny thing they can charge on and in the end, you will be paying a hefty sum which is double of what you need to hire even the most experienced removalists.

4. Unregistered relocation companies – Some of these unregistered removalists can also not provide relocation insurance along with your relocation package. Relocation insurance is necessary to have a safety blanket, just in case. But in case of these unregistered removalists, you will have to go to an external vendor to take the insurance which can be cumbersome work.

Hire experienced removalists

cbd movers brisbane

If you don’t want to get your furniture scuffed on the sides or your painting torn in the middle with its glass broken or get overcharged for every single extra thing you load on to the truck, then it is best to hire experienced removalists for your relocation in Brisbane. Make some inquiries and see the past experiences of the customers with the removalists. Make some research both offline and online before finalizing one removal company.

CBD Movers is one of the most reputed, experienced and affordable removal companies in Brisbane and its nearby suburban areas. We have helped thousands of families move to and from Brisbane safely without any damage to their things right on the schedule. Contact us now to get a free quote and book us for your next relocation.

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Top Packing Hacks to Simplify Your House Move

Moving can be a tiring experience especially because of the part that precedes that – packing. To cut down the work you do and to efficiently pack your things, you need to employ some shortcuts and smart moves to save the stress and your energy. So here its, some of the house packings hacks you definitely need to employ to make your life easier!

Prep your packing toolbox

prep your packing toolbox

Packing toolbox should contain everything and anything you will need to pack your things. From different types of tapes, scissors and knife to bubble wraps, packing papers and markers, this packing toolbox should be your go-to box when you start packing. Has it sufficiently filled with all the things to ensure that your packing doesn’t get stuck in the middle just because you have run of some packing materials?

Take a photo of electronic appliances

take a photo of electronic appliances

This step may take you not more 30 minutes even if you own a lot of electronic appliances but will save you hours of time while you are setting up your new house. The main point of taking a photo before unplugging and packing the electronic items is to have a record of which wire goes into which socket. Take a picture of the backside of televisions, computers, DVD players, gaming consoles, etc so that you can easily fit them in your new house.

If there are two or more wires that look the same with the same color and same thickness, it is advisable to mark them with a label for easier installation.

Towels and blankets as cushioning materials

towels and blankets as cushioning materials

Bubble wraps and a few other cushioning materials may cost you a bit. Comparatively, you can opt for the cushioning materials you have in your houses like the towels and the blankets. This can be used for things that need heavy cushioning like the electronic items, fragile artworks, dishes and so on to keep it safe. Make sure to check whatever towels and blankets you plan to use thoroughly to see if there are any sharp materials that could scratch or damage the items you will pack it in.

Through this way, you will keep the things secure and also prevent the bulky clothing materials to occupy a lot of space in your packing bags.

Don’t leave the drawers and containers empty

Why do you need to take your clothes out from the drawers when they are already in a secure place? It is best to leave the clothes in the drawers as such and all you need to do is wrap the drawer in a plastic wrap and let it as such! You can do the same thing for containers or large spaces in your furniture in which you can pack suitable materials like clothes and books and pack them in its position directly. This will cut down the amount of packing you do and will also save you considerable space in your packing boxes.

Colour code your boxes

color code your boxes

This could seem like an extra step you wish to skip while packing, but believe it or not, you will grateful that you did this at the end. Color coding your box can be done in a lot of different ways. Some color code based on the rooms which the items in the box occupied while some color code depending on the type of materials present in the packing box. Some others color code based on the priority in which the boxes need to be opened.

Using color labeling to name the office boxes is completely dependent on your packing style and your preferences. Generally, color coding based on the room it needs to occupy will come in handy if the new home has the same number of rooms as your old ones. All you will need to is to place the appropriate color boxes in the particular room and unpack accordingly. This will also be helpful when you want to search some items in just a couple of days after moving in.

We have worked with thousands of residential and commercial agencies and helped them move in a budget rate. Our removalists team understands the complications of a house and office removal and based on the moving experience we are sharing the tips that will help you get some relief from the moving stress.

Not only this, we can help you with temporary storage spaces for emergencies like lease end, bad weather and vice versa

Everything You Need to Know About Storage Spaces in Brisbane

There are a number of reasons why you may want to rent a storage space in Brisbane. You may need to store a few extra items that weren’t of use currently or you may be relocating to your new space and would require to store all your things in some place till your new place is all set for you to move in.

Whatever the reason is, a lot of factors comes in when choosing the right storage space for you – the cost, the location, and the facilities it has. There are a few things you should consider before renting a storage space.

The type of storage space

type of storage unit

Generally, the cost of the storage space you rent will be decided on the square foot you wish to occupy. So it obviously means that the more space you wish to occupy, the more you have to pay.

Therefore, while renting out storage space, consider the height and the volume of the space you rent before you decide on a final number. Also, note that the longer you rent out storage space, the lesser the cost will be.
Considering both these factors together, decide on the right size you want to rent taking into account the number of things you have and the space each one needs.

Also, if it is possible, visit the storage unit and take stock of the space present. Some units may be inclined or present at an elevated position and if you are going to store and retrieve on your own, you may need to employ suitable equipment to lift it above.

The insurance

It is always best to be on the safer side. Therefore, ask your insurance provider about the coverage you will get if anything gets damaged when it is in storage. Also, have a talk with the storage unit providers about the insurance. Most storage units will have their own insurance package to cover for any damage due to fire, water or theft of the things you have kept in the storage. Make sure to go through all the terms and see if you have a strong insurance policy to back you in times of the unfortunate situations.

The security at the storage unit

the security at the storage unit

Ensure that the storage space you rent has sufficient security measures in places like security guards and surveillance cameras present all around. Ask them about the policies they have about thefts and the regular checkups they perform to double check the safety and security.

Before furniture removals, count the items and make a list so that you are able to keep track of your valuables and when moving it in storage, you know that the house items are all there. And if you are moving office and need temporary storage solution, then don’t forget these important tips while moving office

Pick up and drop off options

If you are using the storage unit for your relocation, then it may be hard for you to drop off and pick up all the stuff by yourself or make separate arrangements for it. Most storage unit providers are also removalists who will take care of the relocation along with dropping off and picking up your stuff to and from the storage unit. This option could save you a lot of time and efforts when you use the same removal services for the storage unit as well as the relocation services.

Choosing specialist units

choosing specialist units

These specialist units will come to use for those who need to store some valuable things that are sensitive to normal conditions. Things like arts and artifacts that may get spoiled by the moisture in the air and electronic items that need secure storage controlled by temperature will be best kept in these specialized storage units.

If you are looking for a secure storage option, then you should consider CBD Movers, one of the most reliable removal companies of Brisbane . You can also hire them for your removalists needs and combine it with the storage facilities at affordable rates.


5 Important Details You Can’t Forget in Your Office Relocation

It is very difficult to streamline an office relocation which makes it common to let a few important things slip away from one’s mind. If you are in the last stages of your office removals, this checklist will help you jog your memory about the few important things that are of utmost necessity to attend before you move into your new office space.

Checklist for Office Relocation in Brisbane


office removalists


    • Ensure that you have informed all your professional contacts about your new address. You may have service providers who used to physically visit your office, clients, acquaintances and any other people who need to know about the change of address. First, make a list of people who have visited your office or those who used to send parcels to your old office address and inform them beforehand with high priority. Also, inform everyone else to whom you have given your address and let them know about the new office address.
    • Facilitate your IT relocation efficiently. Nowadays, every business has become dependent on their IT infrastructure and it is important to give your IT team enough time to facilitate the office furniture move to your new location. Before you wind up all your relocation work and fix a date for the move, have a meeting with the IT persons and get an idea of when the entire IT relocation will be facilitated so that your employees can get to work as soon as you have shifted into the new office. Also, label the important office items so that you are able to access the important files without any confusion in the new office.IT office
    • Give time to your employees to declutter. You don’t want to take all the unnecessary stuff which has been hogging a lot of space to your new office. Take advantage of the relocation and use this chance to perform that declutter that you have been wanting to do for a long time. Let your employees know that they can declutter the inessential stuff and most of all, give them adequate time to do it. In addition to their daily work, they need to find time to sit and declutter the papers and files and therefore it is important to not rush them through the process.
    • Confirm with the removalists from Brisbane. Do not put off hiring a removalist until the last minute especially when you have the date of the relocation finalized. Generally, it will be convenient to move on the weekends if you do not want to disrupt your normal office working hours and it is difficult to get good, professional removal companies during the weekends at the last minute. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire an experienced Brisbane removalist at least a month before your decided date of relocation. Just before a few days, make a call and see if everything is set for the relocation to happen on time. If you have hired removalists for packing in your office relocation, then have a clear conversation with them at the time of booking to know what will be covered under the packing option and what you will need to take care on your own.
    • Keep your important data with you at all times. When you are relocating your files, documents, computers and such, there are chances that data may be lost or stolen. Therefore, the best decision to keep the hard drives of the computers, on which the most confidential data is stored, with you. Also, take the few selected important and confidential files and relocate them on your own. It wouldn’t take up a lot of space and you can also feel secure and confident without worrying the whole time during the relocation.


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What You Shouldn’t Do in A Short Distance Relocation

A short distance relocation feels easy and simple when compared to a long distance relocation. It is a given that a short distance relocation in a city like Brisbane certainly has its own advantages one among which is a familiarity to the area which will help in getting adjusted to the surrounding fast. But there are some misconceptions when relocating short distance which makes it look simpler than it actually is and here are some of those:

DIY packing and relocation

moving misconceptions

This is a big no-no no matter if it’s a short distance or a long distance relocation. For any kind of relocation, you will need to take precautions while packing electronic items as the loading and unloading procedures will be the same. It is just that the travel time is reduced but it doesn’t mean that your work is simplified.

The same procedures of packing and moving employed while moving in a long distance relocation need to be followed in a short distance relocation too. You will still need to be cautious while handling the goods and you will still need to use high-quality packing materials to pack every single one of your items. And when you finally try to complete the task at hand all by yourself, you can find it tiring and overwhelming which can affect the efficiency of the packing you do leading to damages during the relocation.

It is always best to hire a removalist for the relocation of your house, no matter if it is a few streets away in Brisbane or a few cities away. There are a lot of movers who can handle your things professionally and complete your relocation faster. You can also employ these removal services to help you pack at least a few important appliances and furniture.

Dumping in the box instead of packing

When you are moving just a few streets away, you may be of the opinion that you can carefully carry the box full of random things safely to the new house, but it isn’t always safe to do that. Complete protective packing is essential to avoid the breakage of the things on the way and even if it is a for a short distance and even if you are extremely careful with it, there are a lot of things that could wrong on the way leading to damage and it isn’t a risk that anyone should take.

packing carelessly

Pack every single one of our items with good quality packing material and provide cushioning for the breakable items and pack them carefully as you pack for a long distance relocation.

How to Plan for Short Distance House Move

Take stock of the things you have and the volume of it. If you have a lot of things in more than two rooms, then it is safe to say that you have a lot that will need assistance to pack.

Keep in mind to follow all the safe packing and relocation procedures to a ‘T’. Don’t let anything slack just because it is a short distance move. Start your packing early if you are doing a portion of the packing on your own. Keep out the essential items you have need immediately on moving to the new home aside and start packing the remaining things a few weeks before.

Depending on the budget you have, you can hire moving house expert to pack all things or just hire them for furniture removals where they will dismantle and pack your furniture and install them back at your new home.

Don’t try to move a lot of things on your own unless you own a truck or a lorry in which case, you will still need the help of a few of your friends to load your things to the truck and unload them again. It can be a real back bending work to do all of these single-handedly and the best way to solve the hassles of relocation is to let the movers take care of it.

CBD Movers can help you to relocate safely in and around Brisbane without any hassles. Give a call to book professionals removalists for your relocation.

Labeling Your Way Through Your Office Move

Relocating an office can be chaos and imagine that chaos multiplied by the number of departments in your office! The relocation can get unruly and often lead to problems among the employees if proper steps and procedures aren’t taken beforehand. The best way to prevent problems from arising during the office relocation is to plan a long way before your relocation day and label all the things properly so that you are able to get everything you need easily once you start unpacking in your new office space.

Labeling plays a major part in any relocation and bigger the relocation, the more important it becomes. For your office move, have a marker and labeling stickers by the side of the employees and ask them to label away all!

The right way to labeling

The right way to labeling

In an office move, it isn’t just sufficient to label whatever is in a box. There may be other departments in the office who will have the same set of things. So the best way is to label every single box in a single simple pattern that will be unanimously followed by all.

If your office has multiple floors, then start with floor number, room number or room name and the things inside the box. This will clear up the problems since the room from which the box is packed can be easily identified. This is just an example of how efficiently you can use labeling to clear ambiguity. You can also make your own labeling pattern and ask all the employees to follow the same.

Packing individual properties

When you are packing properties of individuals that shouldn’t be exchanged at any cost, like the computers they use, the furniture of persons from higher management and so on, it is best to specify the name of the person to whom it belongs on the top of the box with big, legible words.

Colour coding

Colour coding

There are many ways by which you can use color coding to prevent the confusions that may crop up. We generally use color coding to easily identify the boxes from a distance at ease quickly without needing to reading everything written on it. So it is up to you to use it wisely. You may use a particular color code for each department or room. Or, you can use color codes based on the order and the urgency by which the items in the boxes will be needed once you reach your new office. For example, the computers and the important files can be marked with high priority which stationery items can be given low priority.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind with color codes is that a paper with the explanation of the color codes needs to be present with all the employees before and after the relocation.

Labeling the files

Labeling the files

There is no shortage of files in an office and this may pose a problem during the relocation. If you have a file room with the systematic ordering system, then it is imperative that you pack the files without disturbing the filing system and label the box with the exact names of the files.

If you have any important files in it or files of sensitive nature that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands, then create your own labeling system with respect to the filing system and share the labeling order with only the important people in the office.

Even when experienced removalists are handling your move, labeling can go a long way in helping you set up your office at your new place quickly and efficiently with minimal issues. When you hire removalists for furniture removals service, ensure that the disassembled parts of the furniture are also labeled so that it is simple for your employees to assemble them back.

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7 Things to Do Just Before Your Moving Day

The day of your relocation is almost up. You need to say goodbye to the familiar places, friendly neighbors and close friends before you move to your new home. As the day of relocation approaches, your mind will be crowded with all things you mustn’t miss and add to it the emotional weight of going to a new place and leaving the familiar surroundings back.

You may, in the busiest moments, miss out on some important things that are necessary for your move. So here are seven things that you need to make sure a day or two before the day of your relocation and ensure that you have it all lined up in time for your big moving day.

Check if your new home is ready

things to do before you move

It would be a total mess if you arrive all excited at your new home and it isn’t ready! Keep tabs on it and ensure that it is all set. If you are leasing or renting out the place, then start making frequent calls to your house owner from 2 weeks before the house move in date and make it more frequent as you near the day of moving.

Check if you have notified the change of address

Don’t forget to notify the government and other private authorities about the change of your address. Wherever you get your emails from, send out a change of address notification and sometimes, a few of the emails may still be delivered to your old address. In that case, inform the next person who arrives to redirect them to you or inform you about it.

Keep your fridge ready

things to do before you move

Refrigerators are one of the last things that will be generally packed and in midst of the hectic work, you may forget getting them ready. To be on the safer side, use all of the food items in the refrigerator at least two days before your moving day. Plug the refrigerator from the socket, clean them inside out and keep the door open at least for the day so that it can be packed safely.

Keep your important records together

Keep the important documents with you instead of sending them through the removalists. At most, you will need to keep an extra file or two in your bag but it is safer to have them close. From educational certificates to government ID proofs and income tax records, it is better to have them on you.

Pack an overnight bag

things to do before you move

A day before you move, pack an overnight bag with the basic essentials like a change of clothes, important medicines, laptops, chargers, and small electronic items. Do not forget to include the files of important documents wrapped securely in a plastic cover. Have a water bottle full of water and some energy bars just in case. If you are moving in the winter season, pack some warm clothes, jerkins, socks, and sweaters in your overnight bag.

Check your removalists booking

You may have booked the removalists for your house move a long time back. It doesn’t hurt to make a call a day or two before your moving day to confirm your booking and the services you have hired them for. If you have not hired them for the service of furniture removals, ask if the disassembling and assembling the furniture will cost more and plan accordingly. Fix the correct time for the removalists to arrive and get the house ready for them to get to work.

Clean your home

things to do before you move

It is important to clean your home thoroughly before leaving it. In the middle of all the hectic packing, you may want to hire a cleaning company to do the work for you. If you have planned to do the cleaning by yourself, plan out the week so that you have sufficient time to clean every nook and corner of the home.

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Summer Moving Tips: Keep Your Cool in The Hot Summer

If you, like the numerous others, decide to move in the summer seasons amidst the sweltering hot sun, then you need to be prepared to face the brunt of it too. Even though you are moving in the summer season, it is best to check the weather beforehand and choose a day which is hotter than the others.

The humid summer temperatures can put your health at risk and therefore, to avoid falling ill on the day of your relocation, here are some tips to keep your cool and win over the summer.

Drink plenty of water

summer juice

First things first. Drink as much water as you can. Fluids are also okay, but nothing can replace the goodness of the water. Have a big jar full of water at your side when you work and take a sip at it often. Have a time set and try to drink the whole jar within the time. There are plenty of chances to get dehydrated when you are working hard on a summer season and the best way to avoid getting sick is to simply stay hydrated. Of course, you may be bored with drinking water all day long, so you can also add in some fresh fruit juices and such to keep your body cool and hydrated.

Take short breaks

Take short breaks

Due to the heaviness of the work and the added heavy sweating of the body, it is possible for your energy sooner than you imagined. Hence before you could totally get to zero energy level, take a short break, drink some juices, refresh yourself and rest yourself before getting back to the task. Especially when your work involves standing in the sun for long hours, your energy will drain much faster and therefore, plan your breaks accordingly.

Wear light, airy and loose-fitted clothes

Summer Juice

Pick out the choice of your clothes in the summer season wisely. If you wear some thick and tight dresses, there are high chances of getting dizzy and breathless sooner in the hot sun. Wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe and let some air inside the dress even while you sweat. Prefer light colored clothes than dark shades as the dark color is known to absorb the heat which in turn will make your body hot, humid and sweaty.

When you are working indoors, use an air conditioner to cool yourself, but in case if your work is alternatively moving out and in, then don’t keep the AC temperature too low as the body will have a hard time get accustomed to either of the temperature.

Avoid working in the peak time

Prepare your schedule in such a way that your work is completed before the peak time of the sun sets in or you take a nice long break indoors during that time. Start your work early in the morning and get most of the outdoor work completed. As the temperature increases shift the work to the inside and avoid going out in the sun. When the peak hour of the sun hits, i.e. the highest temperature of the day usually in the noontime, take a break to eat and relax with your family and resume your work when the temperature is starting to become comfortable.

Expert removalists to the aid

To avoid standing out in the sun or doing the heavy lifting under the hot sun, hire professional removalists in Brisbane to help with your house move. These removalists will have good experience to work efficiently even under a hot sun and moreover, they can complete the same work faster than you, like carrying the things to the truck or packing furniture and doing all the heavy works that come with it. You can hire removalists especially for furniture removals and transportation which will take off a major load off your work in the burning summer and keep the packing work inside your home for yourself.

Summer move is the commonly opted option but certain precautions need to be taken to take care of the move as well as your health. Get some help, keep your cool and have a safe relocation in the hot summer!

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10 Moving Tricks to Relocate Your Potted Plants

Many of us love having potted plants and taking good care of them. You may have spent months or years together watering and nurturing your potted plants that you don’t have the heart to leave it back. So don’t leave it back! By following some moving tips and tricks to transport the potted plants along with your other relocation things during house removals, you can now take your dear potted plants to your new place too!

Tips to Get Your Potted Plants Ready for Relocation


    1. One has to keep in mind that that potted plants can take up a considerable amount of space, unlike the other boxed things you have. Since they have to keep on the floor, you can’t stack up to the plants on top of each other like the boxes.
    2. Wet soil is heavier than dry soil; therefore, don’t water your plants on the day of the move. If you have potted plants that need a lot of water, then place some papers dipped in water at the top of the soil to keep the plant hydrated and not let the water evaporate easily.
    3. If you have pots that are too heavy, change it for some temporary lightweight pots. You can always go to your new place and get a nice pot for your plant but it isn’t necessary to carry around the heavy and big pots.
    4. If your plants are big branches all around, it is safe to prune it; else there are possibilities of it getting caught on the way of transportation which could lead to the breaking of the plant. Also, once you have pruned the plant, put some big netted cover over the plants so that its leaves or branches don’t hinder.
    5. If your truck is cramped up for space and the potted plants are taking a good portion of it, place the potted plants in boxes and stack the boxes on top of each other. Make holes on the sides of the boxes to let the plant get the air it needs.moving-plants
    6. If you are moving interstate, then check for the restrictions about the plants that are allowed and plants which you can’t possibly take to the other state.
    7. Before you get your potted plants ready for relocation, check once with the removalists if they are okay with transporting the plants. Sometimes, if the relocation takes more than two or three days, then most potted plants cannot sustain without water or sunlight. So it would be upon the removalists to pour water to it. So, ensure that the removalists, as well as your potted plants, are up for the move.
    8. If your pots have cracks on them, then get a new pot for the transportation. If there are any disturbances during the transportation, your pot may crack open and could lead to the death of your plant if left unwatched. Hence ensure that the pots are sturdy.
    9. If you have any pricey artwork transported, keep it as far away from these potted plants as possible. Artworks can be damaged with the slightest hint of moisture and these pots are a good source of it. If the packing has even a tiny little pin gap, moisture can enter the packing. So, to protect your artwork, it is best to keep it far away as possible.
    10. Before you move the potted plants, check if there are any germs or insects in the soil. If there are, then these insects could get inside the other nearby boxes and damage your personal things.

If you need any help moving your potted plants, contact CBD Movers to get your plants transported safely. Our Brisbane removalist have prior experience in handling the transportation of potted plants and you will be assured that your plants are in safe hands.

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Moving With Kids To New Home – Make It A Memorable Journey

Kids make a house a home, and rule our hearts with their impish ways! They bring so much joy and happiness to brighten the day!

Moving house with kids?

Relocation is a big upheaval for everyone, more so for the kids. The life as they know it is going to change. But, your gentle reassurance will comfort them immensely.

Depending on the age group, house removals may or may not create an impact.

Below 5 years

This age group is easy to relocate with, as they mainly want their parents and a few familiar toys around them, to feel at home.

They are resilient to changes than most adults. If they are at an age to understand things, sit with them and share the news of the move. It is also important to explain what is happening when their toys are packed up.

Reassure them that they will still have their toys in the new abode, as they might think that their toys will just disappear! It is also ideal to leave the child with a trusted carer on the day of the actual move, to ensure their comfort.

In the new abode, it is imperative to stick to the feeding and sleep routines. This smoothens the transition phase.

School Going Age

moving with kids

School going children might feel stressed during relocation, though the degree of stress varies. They are moving away from their school and friends, which in itself is unsettling. Moreover, they have to get used to the new school and environment. In short, they are moving away from their
comfort zone.

Some children might feel excited, while some might go through minor issues like skipping meals or lacking concentration, while few others go through extreme mood swings and refusal to talk. It is important that they are reassured with special attention and comfort during this crucial period.

Sit them down and explain the facts. Make them understand that change is part of life, and it might bring them endless possibilities and positive changes. As the beautiful saying goes ” If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies! ”

You can involve them in the process by letting them choose colors and decor for their room in the new abode. It is a good idea not to move furniture during term time, to avoid disruptions. If you are short on time then hire removalists to help you plan the move

In the new place, take them around the locality and school, and let them get used to the new environment at their own phase. Though relocation is a difficult period, your solid support will ease the transition for your kids.


Your teens will understand the reason for the move, but they need your reassurance nevertheless. They are moving from their comfort zone and their set of friends. At that stage in life, their peer group is the most important segment of their life, and leaving that companionship behind is
not a pleasant experience. It is imperative to answer their concerns, instead of brushing it under the carpet with ” you will get used to it!” Respect their feelings with empathy, and be available whenever they feel like having a talk.

Involve them in the move by assigning them responsibilities, and praising their contribution. If you are hiring professionals, then do inquire how long it takes for the removalists take to pack and unpack a house

General Checklist when moving with kids

General Checklist when moving with kids

1. Plan for the moving days at least a few weeks in advance. Have a family meeting and involve the kids in discussing the plans for moving day.

2. Involve the kids in packing their rooms and let them label the boxes.

3. Put aside a big bag for essentials you might need to feel at home on the first night in the new home.

4. Visit the new neighborhood with your kids before the actual move, to familiarise them with the new environment. If you are moving interstate, do a virtual tour.

5. Reassure your kids that they can keep in touch with the neighbors and friends, though you are moving away.

Reassurance and reinforced routines with make the move smooth for the whole family.

How to Ensure That Your Art Will Be Safely Relocated

If you have some prized possessions of art, then your priority during your relocation is for the safe transportation of all your arts and gets them delivered to your new home in proper condition. Packing art is nowhere same to the kind of normal packing you do. Especially when you have pricey artworks, the more cautiousness you exercise during its packing, the safer your art will be.

Hire a trustworthy removalist

If you are worried about the safety of your art during your relocation, then the best thing to do is to hire a reliable removalist who has experience in handling arts. As we know that packing an art is difficult and requires meticulousness, only those who have done a good job. Most of the artwork, as much as it is pricey, is also fragile or flimsy. Therefore, only specialized moving experts will have the skillset to pack them properly. Also, such removalists will have the essential packing materials to prevent damages to the art.

If you are looking for a reliance removalist to help pack your art, get the help of the experienced and professional CBD Movers’ removalists in Brisbane who also provide a ton of other services including tech-based safety during transportation and furniture removals.

Budget is always a hurdle in relocation and we always ask ourselves, “How to move on a budget” and look for agencies offering low-cost relocations. You need to have to worry anymore because our pricing is very competitive.

Moving framed artworks

Moving framed artworks

These artworks are generally paintings or a printed picture. Though it may look like a small box which can be packed easily, there are some things that one need to keep in mind while packing.

  • The glass covering the art could break during the transportation which could in turn tear or cause any damage to the art.
  • Some of the paddings that we use to cushion the packing are made from edible substances like corn which could turn with a little moisture and can affect the artwork.
  • Incorrect size of the packing box, even when you have done a perfect job at packing, is highly prone to damage the glass or the artwork.
  • Keeping all these points in mind, let’s now see the best way to pack your artwork to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged.

If you want to know how to pack a painting from scratch, watch this video:

How to pack the artworks?

How to pack the artworks

  • The very first step when packing an artwork is to stick a masking tape on top of the glass covering the artwork in the form of a big ‘X’. This is to prevent the glass from damaging the artwork inside even if it breaks in the middle of transportation. All you need to do when you reach your new place is unscrew the frame and carefully lift out the glass and the broken glass pieces will come along with the tape in a single form without damaging the art.
  • Now wrap the painting in a waterproof plastic cover and seal it around all the edges. If your artwork is valuable, then you will generally have the box of the artwork from the gallery you bought it. Even if not, you can always contact the local gallery and get a suitably-shaped packing box. This packing box shouldn’t be so big that the frame can move freely inside nor should it be so small that the edges of the packing box are pushed hard against the edges of the frame.
  • Wrap the artwork with a layer of bubble wrap or two to prevent damages due to light bumps. Line the bottom of the packing box with papers and plastic.
  • Now place this packed artwork inside the packing box and find out where there are large gaps inside the box. Insert torn bubble wraps or any other filling material that wouldn’t damage the art. Whatever paper, bubble wraps or plastics you use, check them first to see if there are any coarse substances on these things which could scratch the glass and cause it to break.
  • Now close the packing box and move it all around to see if you can feel the artwork moving inside. In case if you can, then open the box and add more filling materials to keep the artwork in place.
  • Seal the box properly with packing tape and wrap a plastic cover around it and seal it tightly too.It is essential to not let any moisture enter the packing box lest it may cause damage to the material of the artwork which wouldn’t be visible to human eyes at first.

    Now that you are done with the packing, mark the packaging outside with ‘fragile’ and ‘this side up’. This will help the people handling the package to know that there are valuable things inside the box.

    It is important not to place two or more artworks in the same box. Pack each of the boxes individually with only one artwork inside.

How to Pack And Move Your Electronic Items For Your Relocation

Among all your relocating things, you will be the most worried about your electronic items mainly because there are a lot of ways by which it can be damaged but the best possible way to prevent the damage is proper packing and handling. Let’s see how we can achieve that and let the burden of worry off you.

Refer to the equipment’s manuals

moving electronics

Take out the particular equipment’s manual when you have decided to pack it. There may arise some confusion and doubts about way of packing and during such times, instead of going with your best guess, consult the manual and do it the right way. Also, either pack the equipment’s manual with the equipment or have all of the manuals in a single bag and carry it with you. This will come in handy when you have reached your new home and want to install it back together.

Take a picture of the wire connections

Take a picture of the wire connections

The wire connections will be baffling to any normal person. Therefore, don’t just take it all out immediately when you are packing. Take a picture of the wire connections before removing them. If two or more wires and looking similar, make a mark on the wire with the label mentioning the place from where it was removed. This way, you can prevent the confusion that may arise when you start installing the electronic items in your new place.

Even if you have hired removalists for packing, you can request to take a photograph before they start disassembling it.

Get the right packing materials

Get the right packing materials

To pack your electronic equipment in, you need to have the right-sized boxes. The best option is if you still have the original box that the equipment came in. In case if you have thrown out the box like many others, then look for the next best option like getting sturdy specialized boxes, not the ones you have picked out from the local supermarket.

If you are relocating out of Brisbane, then you would most probably have hired an interstate removalist for your transportation. So you can always reach out to the removalists and ask them to provide specialized boxes for packing electronic equipment. These professionals will have proper, cushioned sturdy boxes generally used by furniture removal company. You can pack your electronic items inside these boxes and cushion them properly to avoid damage or prevent the static electricity inside the box.

It is important to ensure that the box is properly taped from all sides and the extra cushioning materials inside don’t cause too much tension or stress that it could damage the box or the equipment with the single, hard shake.

Label the boxes properly

When packing electronics, it is important to label the boxes so that the removalist will know to handle it with more carefulness. Mark it in a big legible form stating what is. Also, don’t forget to mention which side is up and that it is fragile.

This way, while the movers are stacking the boxes in the truck, they will know to keep the electronic items separately and not place any heavy box over them. It will also be useful for you when you get unpacking because the electronic things will be one of the first things that will come of use.

Carry the light-weight electronics with you

If you are traveling on a car to your new place and have hired a removalist, Brisbane, to transport the other things by truck, then it is better to carry the light-weight electronic items with you. Things like tablets and laptops can be kept with you in your car instead of sending it through the removalists. If you have space in your car, you can even pack your computer’s monitor, CPU, etc separately in its own boxes and carry it with you. These are the basic electronic things that are may come of use as soon as you get to your new home and it better to have it with you instead of waiting for the removalists to bring in.

Finally, when you are unsure of how well you can pack your electronic things, then you can take the help of removalists just for it. You can hire the services of budget furniture removals Brisbane, along with the transportation of your goods so that you can be assured that all your electronic things will be properly taken care of. If you are looking a reliable and experienced removalists Brisbane, then CBD Movers is the best fit for you.

Dogs Are Human’s Best Friend – Relocate Them With Care

Few angels choose fur instead of wings! Yes, it is your four-legged companions we are talking about. Dogs are the loyal souls, who no doubt bring a harmonious serenity to your life.

Moving with your dog?

Moving with your dog

Relocation is generally a stressful time, and more so for your dogs. Everything is changing in their environment, and they are moving away from familiar scents and comfort zones. It is imperative to plan ahead of time to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Ensuring Safety

The days leading up to move is bound to be chaotic. Your belongings are sorted, few discarded, packing materials are strewn about, and there is a whirlwind of activity. This period is taxing for your dog, as normal routine goes out the window, in addition to general disruption. All the
objects and scents your dog is familiar with is changing dramatically, and your dog might exhibit stress symptoms.

Ideally, it is a good idea to move your dog to a boarding kennel, until the removalists have packed up your belongings and made them ready for transit. But, if you prefer to keep your dog with you, it is a good idea to secure the dog in a room with a few familiar objects and water. Entrust the dog to the care of one family member. This will ensure that your dog gets food and exercise, as per usual routine.

General checklists when moving with a dog

General checklists when moving

1. Make sure your dog is up to date with vaccines and is dewormed.
2. It is a good idea to microchip your dog. In addition to this, a collar with your name and phone number would be very helpful.
3. Find out a good veterinary practice in the new place, and register promptly.
4. Check the local by-laws about the dog breeds allowed.
5. Have a few familiar toys and objects handy to make your dog feel secure.

Preparing your dog for the trip

It is a good idea to reinforce behavior goals before moving to the new place, as your dog might need to live by different rules in the new place. For example, if you are moving from a house to an apartment, it is imperative to train him to stop excessive barking, as there are bound to be close neighbors.

If the new neighborhood is nearby, you can take your dog around to acclimate to new noises and scents. Calming medicine from the vets will help your dog on moving day.

In the off chance that your dog is going be moved in a crate, it is imperative that you give your dog a bit of practice to sit in a crate at least an hour every day. Most dogs are happy to be in a crate, but if your dog is suddenly secured in a crate on moving day, it might lead to confusion and mutiny. It is also a good idea to keep your dog on a leash in the period leading up to moving day, as it will prevent your dog from wandering off muddled by the general chaos!

On moving day

In addition to the basics of food and water, pack your dog’s favorite toys, extra towels, and bedding. Make sure they have adequate ventilation during transit. Feed lightly in case your dog has a sensitive stomach. Give them a run in dog-friendly parks enroute. It is also a good idea to source dog-friendly restaurants on the way.

In the new place

In the new place

The new place is a strange realm for your dog. Though you might have your usual valuables displayed, the placement and scents are different. Keep your dog on a leash for a few days. Maintain the feeding routine, and gently introduce your dog to the neighborhood. Your dog might feel overwhelmed at the changing scenes. But, your calming presence will make things better. Patience is the key to make your dog comfortable in the new abode.

Dogs deserve utmost care when relocation is in the cards. With gentle reassurance and reinstated routine, your dog will feel right at home in your new home!

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How to Get Your Files In Order And Pack Them Before Your Relocation

When you are planning to start the relocation, you will start small, like packing those important documents and files. Though it may seem like a small task at first, once you start sorting through all your stuff, it will take up a good portion of your time than you had planned.

Well, it is important to pack your files but that does not necessarily mean dumping all your things to a box carrying it to your new house. It is time to sort through your files and organize them efficiently in time for your packing.

First things first – Important documents

Important documents

Keep your important documents aside lest it may get mixed with the documents that you want to throw off. Birth certificates, medical documents, bank records, registration records, insurance documents, educational documents, any deeds, and any government documents should be all kept aside. Place each one of it in a plastic file with the see-through the sleeve so that you can see and take only the necessary documents out when required. Pack the entire file set securely in any plastic wrapping or plastic cover.

Don’t pack your license, passport or any other personal IDs inadvertently if you will be in need of them. Keep them with your carry-on luggage in case you will need them during your relocation.

Purge through the outdated documents and bills

There are some documents that are utterly necessary and there are those which we know are downright useless. Go through the latter and discard all those documents that aren’t of use anymore.

You may have saved the receipts of the dresses you bought some three years back thinking that you would need them in case it isn’t good. It is time to go through all these bills and discard them immediately.

Similarly, if you have old tax records dating back to a very long time which even the government doesn’t ask you to keep, do away with it. Shred those documents or destroy them in any other way so that the details don’t get out of your house.

Backup the digital files

Backup the digital files

You may have any important e-documents stored on your computer. To be on the safer side during your relocation, it is best to make another copy of it in a hard disk or pen drive and have it with you. If you have any other important official documents or business files which you couldn’t afford to lose, then you can also make another digital copy of it.

Label your business files

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or someone who carries their work to home, you are bound to have some physical files or information lying around. It may not be too important but those are the files that you couldn’t afford to throw out.

For such files, put them in a good quality file holder and label them accordingly. Place all such file holders and the important documents in the same box, seal the box and wrap them tightly with plastic wraps. You couldn’t be more careful enough with all your files and folders and therefore take every measure you can to do a perfect job of packing it all in.

After packing, check your box was any signs of weakness, where it could break, bend or tear and put in some extra reinforcements in such areas. It is better to carry this box with you if you are traveling by car to your new house. if your new house is in a far off location where you need to travel by flight, then keep the folders of the important document in the carry-on luggage and send the box through a reliable Brisbane removalist.

Brisbane removalist

If you are relocating to or from Brisbane, interstate removalists from the CBD Movers can do a great job of protecting your box of files and folders safely and deliver them without any damage. Even if you need to store your stuff for a few days till you arrive, you can make you the storage facilities with complete satisfaction that it is handled by the experienced removalists, Brisbane with additional services like the options of furniture removals from Brisbane.

How to Arrange a Successful Relocation to the Bustling City of Brisbane

Moving to one of the popular cities in Australia, Brisbane is of course filled with a lot of excitement. Brisbane is a combination of the modern city with the architectural side maintained intact. The tall skyscrapers can be seen sharing the locality with older buildings, museums and other places of historical significance and make sure you don’t miss the nightlife of Brisbane.


Moving to Brisbane is a big step for anyone to be in midst of the happening city of Australia. Like you, many people have come to Brisbane to set up their life over here and with many dreams. Therefore, like any other major city in the world, the city is bustling with traffic that some have to start from their home at 5 AM to reach their office on time. Such is the demand and the opportunities Brisbane holds to pull people over with the magnetic capability and helping them achieve their dreams.

So if you are planning to relocate to Brisbane and handling furniture removal on your own, then you need to know a few regulations about this city that you must adhere at all times.

Here are a few basic ones that you must absolutely know by the time you are driving your vehicle to Brisbane to set your home up there.

Basic Road Rules in Brisbane

Basic Road Rules in Brisbane

  • Carry your driving license on you at all times. If you are not from Australia, then know that it is compulsory to carry license all over Australia.
  • If you are taking a truck to your new home with your belongings, then know that trucks can be parked in the residential area for only an hour within 100m of any residential land, according to Brisbane City Council’s Heavy & Long Vehicle Parking 1999 Local Law. If you exceed the time of parking, then you will need to pay the penalty. In case the truck is repaired, then it is mandatory to make repairs to move it as soon as possible to the nearby non-residential place to tend to it completely.
  • Do not stop at clearways to pick up or drop people. If you do so, you will be sent a parking fine or your vehicle can be towed away. You should also not stop at any areas in the road marked with yellow lines.
  • If you want to use a commercial vehicle parking, there are some zones available near the business areas where you can park a commercial vehicle for 20 minutes. This is called a commercial loading zone and it shouldn’t be used to drop off or pick up people. You can find these commercial loading zones here.
  • While parking outside your new residence, ensure that your vehicle isn’t blocking access to the driveway your residence or any other residence nearby and to the pedestrians. Also, ensure that it isn’t blocking any view of the road for the others driving. You cannot park up to 20m of a signaled intersection or 10m from a non-signaled intersection.

Relocating in midst of Brisbane traffic

Relocating in midst of Brisbane traffic

Read through all the road regulations of Brisbane if you are new to Australia. Even if you are from Australia, there are a few rules and regulations that are specific to the city; so make sure to stay updated on it.

Have a map in handy and follow it. Be clear about the route you are going to take. Avoid driving during the rush hours as you make take double the time to arrive at your destination.

Drive within the speed limit mentioned on the side of the roadways and stick to your lane as much as you can when you drive except when you are planning to take a turn.

Brisbane removalists to the rescue

If you aren’t sure about transportation, it is safer to hire an experienced house removal services provider to help you with the transportation. Do check furniture relocation tips or online to make the move smooth and without and less tiring. The professional and native removalists will know all the directions and the regulations; so you don’t need to worry about all the nuances of parking and driving all on your own but make sure not to compromise on hiring movers. All you have to do is to hire these removalists Brisbane for your relocation and they can take charge of the transportation.

CBD Movers Brisbane has been in the relocation industry for over a decade helping thousands of families move to and from Brisbane. If you want to know more about their relocation packages, you can contact them to get an instant response.

How Long Does It Take Removalists To Pack And Unpack A House?

You may find packing quite tedious and tiring, especially if you haven’t done it before. Even with all the moving house tips and tricks that you read and follow, you still end up consuming a lot of time to pack, and this undoubtedly triggers stress. The best solution to this is hiring a removalists company which can unload your stress to a great extent.

But with hiring a removalists company comes the major concern about how long will it take to pack and unpack the house. The time taken for these tasks depends on many factors, and therefore each removalist company will tell you a different number. Given below are the three primary and significant factors on which the time taken depends on.

The Number and Size of your Belongings

As logical and obvious as it seems, the number of items you have to pack, the longer it takes to finish packing them. Each item needs to be packed separately and therefore, the number of items decide the time taken to finish packing. Moreover, the size of each item plays an essential role in suspending other tasks. Also, sometimes it is easier to pack one big valuable like the cupboard than packing several tiny things as each needs special care and attention.

Type of your Belongings

Type of your Belongings

The type of your items is the next factor deciding the time taken to complete packing and unpacking. Some valuables such as the electrical appliances need a lot of care and need to be handled with precaution. The wirings and the structure inside them might go haywire if disrupted. Packing such items by an unprofessional can only add on to the time consumed. On the other hand, an object such as the shoe rack does not need any special attention and can be packed more quickly than the rest.

Type of removal service availed

As packing efficiently requires removalists to be skilled and trained, all house removals in Brisbane might take different time to finish packing. Therefore, select a reputable company which has experienced staff and apt equipment for the task at hand.

How to lessen the time taken for Packing?

How to lessen the time taken for Packing

More than often, you are left with no time to pack everything in one day as you lack the knowledge, skill, and expertise with packing; the same qualities that the removalists specialize in and therefore can finish the task quickly. Their training enables them to execute these time-consuming job efficiently. But if you want to further speed up the process of packing even after hiring removalists, ask them on tips about how to pack a truck for long distance moving. Every reputable company will be more than happy to guide you through this by giving you precious packing and unpacking tips.

Apart from relying on your Brisbane removalists, you can get a lot of information pertaining to lessening the time on the internet or from the website blogs of many removalists companies. Not only will you fasten up the process but it equipping yourself with this information will help you with smart packing. And remember that the lesser you worry, faster will the work get done!

8 Things You Should Never Compromise On Hiring Movers

The hardest part about moving is finding the right removal companies in Brisbane. While some question the reliability of the strangers (removalists) in their house while moving others just don’t find the pricing factual. The process of comparing several companies to shortlist a few is very tedious and frustrating. Some even settle for any removal company due to this frustration and lack of time. But it is important to understand that your valuables are the products of your lifetime savings, and therefore, they need to be handled with care while on the move. More than often, removalists do not handle your valuables with care, and you end up in a loss.

Finding the right removal company is not as difficult as you think if you invest some time in researching about various companies satisfying your criteria. While only a handful might be able to meet all your criteria, you have to make sure that you do not compromise on the basic standards merely to save money or time, as you might end up paying heavily for this negligence.

Here are eight things you should never compromise with while hiring movers:

The Reputation of the Company

Never compromise on the reputation of the computation. If it is terrible, avoid it. One way you can check their reputation is by checking the reviews and ratings of their customers.

Experience of their Staff

removalists brisbane

An untrained and inexperienced removalist will do more harm than good and is bound to damage your valuables. Therefore, check the experience of the staff before you hire them.

Teams’ Efficiency

movers brisbane

A company might charge you less, but they can also drag a job requiring 1 hour to 3 hours. Ultimately, you are paying far more than if you had hired efficient staff. Efficiency also comes with training and experience of the staff.

Pricing Information

A good removal company does not hide its pricing and does not ask for unnecessary details just to show the basic pricing information, which is beneficial for your research hand different price rate comparison. Many removalists companies ask you to fill out an online form even to check their pricing which is not required. Pricing must be upfront ad this is a sign of a genuine company. Some might ask for your basic details if you need a quotation such as your moving date, pickup, and drop-off address as these are necessary for the quote. Also, keep in mind that pricing and quotation must be provided free of cost.

Safety and Insurance of your Valuables

Do not compromise on the safety of your possession and hire removalists who guarantee the safety and offer insurance without any additional cost.

Size of the Vehicle

Many companies bring a small-sized truck and end up making several rounds to deliver the items. Untrustworthy removal companies practice this, wasting a lot of your precious time and money; especially if you have been quoted on an hourly basis. A popular company does not do this and also allows you the convenience to opt for any truck from their fleet of vehicles.

Time Flexibility

Go for a company which can offer flexible start and finish times and does not overcharge if it is trivial extra time.

Quality of the Services and Resources used

Make sure that the quality of the services and resources used by the company is of premium grade such as the quality of the truck used to transport your valuables.

There are removalists companies and therefore, while selecting any, keep these eight things in mind and never compromise on them. You will find a few Brisbane removalists satisfying all these conditions if you research thoroughly.

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Moving requires strength and skill, something that the removalists specialize in. So unless you have the right expertise and knowledge of how to handle things and shift them, you must not attempt it all by yourself. Not only are you going to exhaust yourself but also end getting injured.

Injuries caused due to heavy lifting or shifting is common and therefore, it is crucial to safeguard yourself from it. Some injuries can even be permanent. Some of the common injuries caused while moving are as follows:

  • Back pain: The most common injury of all is the back injury. Don’t attempt to carry heavy items all by yourself. Use your legs while lifting and not your back. Also, stretching exercises help prepare your body and must be done compulsorily before starting the moving process.Back pain
  • Sprain or muscle pull: Improper postures while lifting causes injuries such as sprains, muscle pulls, muscle soreness, and strains. An unprepared body attracts these injuries, especially if you load your body with more than what it can take.
  • Broken bones: Even if you rule out the severe cases of broken bones, cases such as crushed fingers and toes are common during moving. Having doors which close behind you is one of the leading causes of broken bones.

To arm yourself against these injuries, equip yourself with the following tools:

Safety Gloves

  • Gloves: Gloves help provide grip to your fingers while also avoiding splinters because of the cushioning effect. These safety gloves might seem expensive but cost nothing in front of your health or the amount of money wasted after the injury.
  • Furniture sliders: These enable you to move large objects like the sofa. They reduce the time for which you have to utilize your physical strength to hold them.
  • Dollies or hand trucks: They decrease the physical strain of lifting large items.Dollies or hand trucks
  • Forearm forklift devices: These help move objects such as mattresses.
  • Shoes: Good shoes (sneakers are ideal) provides grip and supports your body.

Follow the rules given below while moving to avoid any injuries related to it.

  • Hydrate yourself: Keeping your body hydrated is crucial for proper functioning and execution of tasks without overstressing your body.
  • Warm up exercise: Warm up exercise prevents injuries and strains to a great extent.
  • Clothing: Wear clothes made up of cotton material as they help absorb sweat efficiently and helps cool your body. Also, avoid wearing clothing (such a loose and long clothing) which have the possibility of getting stuck or twisted while you are shifting.
  • Kids and pets: Keep them in a separate room to avoid chaos and injuries. Keep sufficient toys and food in the place.
  • Time: Start your moving process in the early morning hours. Not only is it cooler but your body has energized as well. Also, pay attention to the weather.

Try to hire professional removalists as they are trained in moving and can shift without causing damage to the furniture or injuries to themselves. But if you are going to do it yourself, these tips will suffice for an efficient move.

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Tips to label moving boxes effectively

Labeling is an essential part of packing and unpacking and if done incorrectly, takes up a considerable amount of time which you could invest somewhere else. Every minute counts while you are packing and there are some tips which can help you save time. One of the best effective ways of organizing packing and unpacking is by labeling. It can minimize and confusion to a great extent, but only if done right. So here are some tips on how to label your moving boxes before making a house removal or office move.

Use moving labels

You can either get your labels printed or make them using simple paper and pen. But make sure that you use good quality papers which are neat. And if you don’t pay attention to the boxes you will end up with the boxes piled up around you and you have no idea which box contains which items. So rather than regretting in the end, why not plan from the beginning.

Moving Boxes

Label the top and sides of the moving box

One of the frequent mistakes made while labeling boxes are labeling only the top or any one side of the box. You cannot see the top of your boxes if they are stacked, end up moving the boxes around just to read the top of the label. To avoid this, label not only the top but also the sides of the moving box.

Invest in good quality markers

Invest in good quality markers which are permanent and waterproof. You may feel it is unnecessary to buy high-quality markers as you don’t move every day nor do you use markers every day. But investing in one will not disappoint you even if it is raining on your moving day. Also, buy more than one marker as you do not want to face a situation where you run out of maker ink the night before the furniture moving day, and you still have a lot of labeling left.

Color coding

Kitchen Living Room Move

Pick a color for each room and stick to that same color throughout your packing and unpacking process. Label the door of each room with that corresponding color and stick to the same color on the box while loading it. For example, blue for the living room and yellow for the bathroom. Load all the contents of the living room in the box colored blue. Use the same process upon arrival, and in this way, you can identify the contents if the box in a glance. You can use colored markers, papers, and tapes for this purpose.

It is of utmost importance to use dark colored markers which are easily visible such as red or black against a light colored background paper. You can also use colored tape while packing so that you can identify which room the contents belong to from a distance.

Number the boxes

It is advisable to keep an inventory list so that you know the number of boxes you are moving, have everything jotted down in detail, and do not misplace anything while on the move. One way to do this easily and without wasting time is by numbering the boxes on top and on all the side as you finish packing them. Save the list on your phone so that you do not lose it till you are done unpacking everything.

Label the contents

Label the boxes not only according to the rooms in which they are allocated but also the contents inside the box. This helps you prioritize your unpacking, making the task easier and quicker. Also, make sure that you label which boxes gave fragile items, so your mover knows which one needs extra care.

These are some tips which are useful in labeling the moving boxes and will help make the moving process faster. If you have hired a reputable budget removalist, they will help you pack your items and guide you throughout on how to label it.

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Checklist You Need If You Are Planning to Move to Australia

There are such a large number of things to make sure to do when you are moving abroad. Planning each step is vital to making the procedure less challenging. Make an effort not to leave your packing and transporting plans until the last minute, and hire a removalist today!

Start Planning

start planning

The choice to move to Australia is a critical one to make, and there is a lot of interesting points to take into account before you make a move. Guarantee it goes easily by making a plan and you can enjoy another life down under. The general thought is to design your move well – plan for opportunities, possible postponements, and every conceivable situation.

Number 1: Understand Immigration Rules


The guidelines for migration, quotas, and visas change regularly. Make certain that you have current details. There are numerous sorts of visas in Australia. If you are moving a result of your employer, make certain you understand what they are dealing with and what you have to do. Likewise, Australia has definite principles about “skilled” settlers. Check to make sure that you have what they need so that you can land a job faster. If you are retiring and moving to Australia, look at how much cash your assets should be worth.

Number 2: Important Documents to Carry

important documents

Other than your travel permits, you will probably require other official documents, for example, marriage certificates, birth certificates, college transcripts and health records (immunizations, medicinal conditions and so forth.). These are reports that will be required for legal activities in Australia. If you don’t have them right now, get them as quickly as time permits, as it can take a lot of time to have these documents processed. It might be a smart thought to guard these in a bank until the point when you are settled in a secure home.

Number 3: Personal Items

There are a few things to consider before choosing a removal company. Decide what you need to take with you, what you can sell and what you can chuck. You may find it hard to chuck things away, but consider the cost of transport compared to the cost of just replacing it once you arrive – you may find the latter is cheaper. Once you have prepared everything you want to ship over, you can hire moving companies to have your items transported.

Number 4: Bring Your Pets

Only pets that have been in an AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) permitted country for the entire six-month period before arriving in Australia are allowed to enter. Check the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry (DAFF) website to see if your country is AQIS sanctioned. Other conditions apply for disability assistance dogs.

Number 5: Transfer Money

One of the main points to consider when intending to relocate to Australia is the way to exchange your money and different investments. Keep in mind; you should close all records that won’t be active in your nation of origin to save money on bank charges.

Number 6: Importing Valuables into Australia

If you are coming as a permanent occupant, you can bring pre-claimed things of significant worth into Australia charge/obligation free. Be that as it may, conditions may apply. If you have kept the receipts of purchase, you ought to bring them. Passable assets incorporate watches, gems (e.g. wedding rings, earrings and so on.), collectibles and heirlooms, antiques, and money. Possessions ought to be evaluated by proficient valuators in your nation of origin. For heavy possessions, you can hire furniture removalists to do the job. Remember to ensure your items against misplacement or harm amid delivery. You should apply for a permit to import artworks, and heritage pieces into Australia.

Number 7: Medical Records

Arrange for duplicates of medicinal records for the entire family before you leave your nation of origin. These reports are vital for soundness of care and other medical emergencies and are required to get your kids into school.

Number 8: Work Documents

Reports regarding your work experience are probably the most vital things to carry to Australia. Searching for an occupation is probably going to be your main focus when you touch base in Australia, so bring all that you require! Ensure you have duplicates of everything from certificates, degrees, licenses, and academic reports. You may need to show evidence of your educational credentials and have certifications evaluated by an expert evaluation service. These evaluations can enable you to look for some employment all the more smoothly, and even help you get additional qualifications if required.

Number 9: Shipping and Transporting

Choosing your goods and personal items to be shipped to Australia, packing them, and ensuring that they are safety delivered seems like a daunting task. Take care to ship only the things you need, to eliminate the cost and have a hassle-free move.

Be Prepared

The way to an effective move is entirely based on planning. It is therefore vital to have a checklist to make sure you do not miss out on anything. With a point by point moving agenda, packing your goods and moving locally, interstate, or even to another country turns out to be substantially simpler!

Ideas to get moving boxes for your relocation

Relocating is undoubtedly a stressful period especially if you are moving out for the first time. If you are already stressed with the burden of packing and moving, here is a pro tip to save the day: choose the packaging boxes well. You undoubtedly need moving boxes to pack your belongings and selecting a good quality moving box goes a long way in ensuring its safety. Packaging has the ability to make or break your moving experience. You may invest in the highest form of transport to transit your valuables, but if the quality of the packaging is terrible, all the efforts go down in vain.

Importance of Moving Boxes

There are several benefits of using a quality moving box. It reduces the chances of damage by accidentally opening up the bottom flaps. Though the bottom may feel safe with the interlock, a bad quality moving box is prone to loosening, dropping the contents within. This can even cause injuries to the furniture movers or anyone loading or unloading bulk material. You may skip the part of searching or investing in a good quality moving box, but this will cost you a fortune.

By now it is quite clear on how importance moving boxes are. If you intend on hiring a moving company in Brisbane, more than often, they will provide you with quality packages. But there are several ways to get the moving boxes on your own and mostly you can get it free of cost.

So here are some ideas on how to get moving boxes, most of which are stores:

• Liquor stores: Liquor stores always have a pile of sturdy boxes. They are small and efficient for carrying items such as DVDs. They are highly durable and idle during moving.

• Grocery store: Items such as apples come in boxes which can be used to transport fragile valuables as they are very strong. But these boxes have gaps or holes to allow the fruits to breathe. So think twice about what you pack in it.

• Bookstores: Bookstores contain boxes which are designed to transport and carry books without falling apart. You can use these to move your books. They get a shipment at least once in two weeks.

• Schools: Schools get many deliveries throughout the year, which goes for recycling. You can ask the janitorial staff and offer to take these boxes for them.

• Workplace: Your workplace is likely to have many boxes as they get many deliveries. So you can get in touch with the person in charge and ask them for the boxes.

• Pharmacy: Pharmacy gets their deliveries frequently and is good to transport your toiletries and medicines.

• Restaurants: The boxes which get delivered to the restaurants are right to carry glasses, plants, and clothes.

• Hardware stores: Hardware stores contain boxes which even have the lids making it ideal to pack any material.

• Recycling centers: Reclining centers are where all the sores dump their cartons. So you can take the authority’s permission and bring the boxes home.

• Stores or malls: Several other stores such as toy stores and home goods stores also have boxes. You need to take permission before you think of getting the boxes from the mall.

• Communities: Several communities announce that they give boxes for free from people who have relocated recently. This is an excellent way of getting boxes.

While these are places where you can get boxes for your relocation for free, you will not be able to control the quality of the boxes. Also, you will not be able to find boxes of the size that you are specifically seeking. So, you will have to make do with what is available. This may help you reduce your packing costs, but it will not guarantee that your precious items will reach their destination in one piece. That is why it is best to hire a professional removalist, who can take away the headache and stress of relocation.

The moving company has all packaging materials, including boxes, to pack and transport your items to any corner of Australia. This way, you can rest assured knowing the furniture movers in Brisbane will bring boxes of all shapes and sizes to help pack your precious household items. This will be a load off your shoulders.

How to clean out your home before moving

If you are moving out for the first time into a new house, you come to the stage where you have of clean your old home before moving out. You must get rid of all the unwanted things from your house and make it look spick and span. There would be an extra pressure of the task if you were staying in a rented house. So here is your guide on how to clean your home before moving out.

If you are moving out for the first time into a new house, you come to the stage where you have of clean your old home before moving out. You must get rid of all the unwanted things from your house and make it look spick and span. There would be an extra pressure of the task if you were staying in a rented house. So here is your guide on how to clean your home before moving out.

Basic tips

To begin with, make sure that you know what you need and what you don’t need for your new house. These are some useful tips for a smooth move so that you don’t end up moving the things that you don’t need. Once you know this, clean the rest of it keeping only the bare minimum. You can either throw it out or sell it at a cheap rate. This can give you some cash to buy necessities for your new house. This will also save you from extra packaging and relocating costs.

If you have hired removalists in Brisbane, make sure that you clean before they arrive to save time. To make cleaning comfortable and to avoid tripping, clean only after the boxes have been packed. Make sure that you have all the cleaning equipment such as the vacuum cleaner, and microfiber towels ready. Listen to your favorite playlist to make cleaning enjoyable.

Avoid such mistakes when you are moving with kids and pets like having them run around while you’re at your task. Keep them in a room with sufficient food and. Moreover, you can involve the kids with petty cleaning, so they feel involved and don’t distract you nor act fussy.


One of the most important things to have while moving out is a cleaning checklist. There are some checklists which are common and mandatory to every room, and some specific to each room.

General checklist:

  • Start by removing the hardware from the walls and ceilings like the hooks and nails, and fill and paint the holes.
  • If there are any vital repairs to be done such as the racks or electrical repairs, do so.
  • Dust and vacuum the rooms thoroughly (pay extra attention to the window frames, electrical, furniture, built-in shelves, and cabinets). If the floor is of tile or wood, try to mop it as well

In addition to these general checklists which are mandatory for cleaning all the rooms, here are some lists which are to be taken care of for specific rooms.

Living room, library, and bedrooms:

  • Clean the fireplace and the air vents
  • Clear any carpet stains


  • Clean the exhaust fan
  • Clean the walls, racks, doors, toothbrush holders and soap dishes
  • Clean the mirror and any glass surface
  • Clean the floor and grouts


  • Clean the exhaust fan
  • Clean the appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave if you aren’t relocating them
  • Clean the area around the stove, sink, and faucet
  • Empty the trash
  • Mop the floor

Car garage:

  • Empty the garage
  • Repair any damaged racks, permanent wall furniture, or electrical fixtures
  • Vacuum the area

So these were the things to be included in your checklist to clean your home before moving out. If you have any difficult executing this process, then there are certain moving companies in Brisbane which specialize in the moving job. They provide not only relocate your items but also offer high quality padded packages and cartons for your items to keep your valuables safe. These furniture movers in Brisbane even provide furniture removal and packing solutions. So go ahead and make your hose moving stress-free.

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Are You Making These Relocation Mistakes When Moving With Kids?

Moving from one city to another with kids is a tedious task. Not only do you need to worry about packing your kid’s stuff as well but you also need to deal with their fussy nature. If you are worried about your relocating and how to manage packing as well as moving with your kids, here are the mistakes you need to avoid:

Moving from one city to another with kids is a tedious task. . Not only do you need to worry about packing your kid’s stuff as well but you also need to deal with their fussy nature.

Few mistakes to avoid when moving with kids

If you are worried about your relocating and how to manage packing as well as moving with your kids, here are the mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Refusing to give your kids the reason for moving: Kids and children are susceptible to feeling more close to the place they are and to the friends. While choosing to move from one city to another may be an easy task for you, for them, they will never find the same familiarity in people. Understand that moving is simple for elders and adults but for kids, it is hard for them to say goodbye to various haunts and friends, so remember to tell them exactly why you are moving. Also, do not wait until the last moment to break the news to them, tell them beforehand and allow them to express their feelings about the move as well.
  • Don’t think too much: While you may feel that not telling your kids about the move is the right thing to do, you need to break it to your kids as gently as possible. There is no best age to move a child, the effect on your child depends on how to tell them about the move. However, from a technical point of view, younger kids or toddlers below the age of 3 and kids above the age of 12 handle the news of moving from one city to another well.
  • Don’t do it all by yourself: Parents are nothing short of superheroes, and it is understandable that you feel that you can finish up on your own. However, moving a house is difficult, especially when you have kids around. One of the most important things is to find a moving company who can help you move on a budget. Find some help, be it from professionals or from your friends, but do not bank only on yourself.
  • Organization and sorting: Understanding that you need to wrap things up as soon as possible is quite understandable. However, waiting until the last minute is not. The best way to pack for your move along with kids is to start as early as a month before your actual moving date. Reason being, kids take some time to come around and accept that you are moving. Additionally, wrapping things up for your kids, from giving an application at the school to packing their things is hard. So, here is a good way of dealing with the move with kids. Consider these things when choosing a removalist and make sure to remember:
    • To sort things that need to be taken and the things that you need to get rid of.
    • To hire interstate removalists in Brisbane or in any other place.
    • Apart from this make sure that you know what to pack.
  • Looking for the correct moving company: When you begin searching for a moving company, you know that there is no such thing as a shortage of moving companies. However, with many companies that offer similar service, you may find it hard to know which company will be able to help you better. If you are looking for a moving and removing company, then here is how to research:
    • Do not take customer reviews lightly. Read every review before making the decision of hiring a company.
    • Ask for help when you search for Brisbane removalists. Perhaps you could find some recommendations.
    • Talk prices as well as dates. Both dates and prices are important aspects of moving and need to be discussed beforehand.
    • Other than this, make sure that you hire only experienced professionals.

Things to take care of while looking for a moving company

Moving with toddlers is hard and justifiably difficult to manage, which is why you should stop feeling that you can finish up packing, removing and cleaning all by yourself. Understand that there is no shame in asking for help.

Rather than wasting your time feeling bad and wondering why is moving so emotional, focus on these things:

  • Worry about how to get everything in line with the moving company. Make sure that your sort things out before the moving company is at your doorstep. Do not wait for the last moment to segregate what you will be packing and what the removal company will pack.
  • Consider how to tell a child they are moving and that you feel just as bad as them. Children find it hard to believe that moving could be hard for you too. However, you need to understand that their tiny hearts cannot take every detail at the same time. Gently, over a span of sometimes break the entire story of moving to them.
  • Know the company that your hire before you pay them a sum. Ask yourself:
    • Does this company have the experience to help me move?
    • Do I trust the professionals at this company?
    • Can they handle in-transit issues?
    • Is the company making use of modern tools and trucks?
    • Can the company offer you timely deliveries?
    • Apart from this, does the company understand your directions?

More than worrying about how to move from one city to another with kids, you should worry about hiring the correct team of professionals. The only time you will face a problem with moving with kids, is when you tell the kids that you are moving and while packing their stuff.

Apart from that, you need to focus on how to find the correct team of moving professionals from the removal companies in Brisbane, to help you make your move easier.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Removal Company

While moving a house or relocating your office, a removal company is what comes to your mind. We all know, taking everything in your hands can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s better to spend in some amount and get things moved safely with the help of moving companies. How to know which moving company is best for you?

While moving a house or relocating your office, a removal company is what comes to your mind. We all know, taking everything in your hands can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s better to spend in some amount and get things moved safely with the help of moving companies. How to know which moving company is best for you? Here is a list of considerations one must go-through before choosing the house or office removalists for your moving and packing requirements:

  1. Understand what you need: Before hiring a service provider for your moving requirements, ask yourself what kind of a service do you need. Do you need only removalist, packers or movers’ service or all of them? Get yourself a clear idea about how far are you moving and how many of your belongings you are carrying with yourself? Getting an idea of the scope of your local or interstate move will help you make a better decision on which movers will be suitable for the job done.
  1. Company and its Service History: While every company looks desirable, you should do a background check. Hire Brisbane removalists with good customer reviews. Look for testimonials and even reach out to people or businesses who used their service before. Consider their statements and then opt for the one.
  1. Estimates: While you may think that moving from one place to another place is easy, it is quite the contrary. You may find that it is too expensive. So before you settle with a company, make sure you ask for an estimate to know exactly how much the service will cost.
  1. Experience: While hiring a moving company, do not be hasty. Pick a company that comes with years of experience. There are a number of reasons why experience is important, here are some of the primary ones:
    • A company with experience knows how to handle your valuables and furniture with care.
    • Apart from this, the company is equipped with modern equipment that allows them to move heavy objects as well.
    • A moving company with experience is also equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with complications that arise during transit, thereby giving you a security of your valuables.
  1. The ambit of the Company’s Service: Although every moving and packing company provides you with cleaning, removals of furniture services and help with packing as well as moving, it is necessary for you to find out what the company’s service actually includes. While choosing a company remembers to compare the services offered by your chosen company as well as the services offered by other companies.
    1. Storage: When choosing a moving and packing company make sure that you choose the one that offers you maximum benefits. Apart from offering you the generic services, a company that offers you an option of storage of your valuables should be your pick.

Avoid surprises by following your gut when you hire any one of the many removal companies in Brisbane or in any other place. Find the company you need by doing a background check of the company and by meeting them.

Why Do You Need Professionals To Move A Piano?

Moving houses is a big deal. Add the trouble of moving a piano with it. Pianos are huge in general, packing and moving it from one house to another or to take it to a different city is not only a humongous responsibility but a troublesome task. Whether you do it alone or with the help of interstate removalists in Brisbane, you will need expert advice to find help with your piano packing and moving.

Moving houses is a big deal. Add the trouble of moving a piano with it. Pianos are huge in general, packing and moving it from one house to another or to take it to a different city is not only a humongous responsibility but a troublesome task.

Whether you do it alone or with the help of interstate removalists in Brisbane, you will need expert advice to find help with your piano packing and moving. Other than this, the question of finding the right equipment to pack your piano, the correct way of transporting the piano and many other considerations will need to be ascertained and sorted.

Well, if you are thinking you can take care of handling your piano on your own and pack it as well as move it, then honestly you are wrong. With various things to do and to keep in mind, packing your piano, transporting your piano to a different location is quite a hard thing to do.

Here is why you cannot move a piano alone:

  • It is huge: One of the biggest factors why you cannot move your piano on your own is the fact that it is huge. A piano is a majestic piece of instrument, and with its size, it is natural for the piano to be heavy. Without the help of professional piano moving equipment, it is not possible to move your piano.
  • It is complicated: If you think that you can move the entire instrument after packing it, then you are in for a trouble. With the many complications in packing and moving you will definitely need the help of an interstate piano moving company to help you disassemble and pack your piano.
  • Dissembling is not as easy as it sounds: A piano is a complex structure, with many keys and wires. It is hard for you to disassemble the entire thing. Apart from this, given the complex nature of your piano, it is easy to damage it during this time. And this is why you should not be doing this on your own.

Given the complications that you may find during the time you intend to move your piano while moving house in Brisbane or in any other place, it is always better to get help. Find a company that will help you find the quickest solutions to moving and packing your piano efficiently. Apart from this, you can also say goodbye to your worries about damaging your beautiful piano in transit.

Here is why hiring a company to remove, clean, pack and move your piano is one of the best options:

  • Experienced Hands: A moving company offers you the quickest answers to “how to transport a piano?” With an experience of years, a moving company will help you find the correct methods to transport your piano.A moving company will help you pack the piano after dissembling your piano. Furthermore, the moving company will help you pack your piano in such a manner that you can be sure that the transporting of your piano will not leave any damages on it.
  • One Less Worry to Worry About: When you hire a company to handle your packing and moving problems, you are getting rid of your issues. Furthermore, you can find the easiest solutions to the toughest problems.Although you may feel that handling a piano is hard, but with the help of a moving company, you can transport your piano without worrying about any damages. The primary motive of hiring a company to handle your piano is to let the professionals do their job.
  • Fewer Costs: It is natural to wonder “how much to move a piano?” or wonder about the costs that will be included while transporting your piano. However, when you hire a moving company, you can find the most elaborate method and the most efficient costing criteria for your valuables as well as your piano.Most moving companies charge an hourly rate and help you find the easiest way of transporting your goods. So, if you find a moving company you will only pay the price they quote you to pay and nothing more.
  • Security of Goods: The transporting and packing of your piano is a tough thing. If you do it alone, you probably won’t know that a piano should not be picked up by its legs.Apart from this, a piano should also be packed by making using of blankets and other soft wrapping materials to create a padding to avoid damages. With all of these complications, it is hard for you to think of the best way to secure your piano during transit.However, getting the help of a professional team will rid you of this issue and help you find the peace of mind you require. Professional movers are experienced and have a requisite training in this field that allows them to move and pack your things efficiently. Hiring professional moving companies in Brisbane or in any other place will help you out with this issue.
  • Handles the complications in Transit: Without the help of modern piano moving services, it is quite hard to get exactly what you need. There are various kinds of complications that arise during transporting your goods; you may not be fully equipped to deal with it.And if things take a turn for the worse, you may end up damaging your piano. But with the help of removing and moving companies you can find the easiest solutions to all of your problems, be it during your moving house in Adelaide or during in-transit, a good company will help you find quick answers to every moving problem.

What to do when moving a piano?

Here is what you need to do while moving a piano:
  • Find a good moving company for your house moving.
  • Look at the reviews of your chosen service provider.
  • Furthermore, try to have an in-person discussion with your chosen moving company.
  • If you are transporting larger furniture and goods such as a piano, as for piano moving and storage services specifically.
  • Ask them for a quote and book your service beforehand.
  • Also, while looking for a company to move your furniture and goods, do not settle down without comparing.

With many complications that may arise in transit or during packing your piano, be sure to hire a good interstate piano moving company to help you out.  We at CBD Movers can help with your relocation at a very nominal price

5 things to consider when choosing a removalist

Are you planning to move to a new apartment or relocating your office? Relocation is always a daunting task as it brings with it the stress of how will things turn out. Well, in today’s world nothing is impossible and with a good and reputed removalist by your side, you can move with ease. But, with a lot of options in the market, you need to be cautious while choosing a removalist.

Are you planning to move to a new apartment or relocating your office? Relocation is always a daunting task as it brings with it the stress of how will things turn out. Well, in today’s world nothing is impossible and with a good and reputed removalist by your side, you can move with ease.

But, with a lot of options in the market, you need to be cautious while choosing a removalist. This is because it is the removalist with whom you will entrust all your household goods and furniture.

Here, we have come up with a few tips that can help you choose the right removalist so that you do not have to worry about the security of your belongings.

Follow these tips and choose the right removalist for your moving job:

1. Research properly

Before choosing a company, you need to do a thorough research. Start with the word of mouth. Ask family and friends, if they have any reference. The next step is to do some research on the internet. List down a few names of the removalists and then go through their websites and reviews. Have a look at what people are saying about their experiences with the Brisbane based movers. Check their social media page and see the user ratings.

2. Removalist Insurance

Before booking anything, ensure that the furniture removalist of Brisbane removalist offers insurance for your belongings. A reputed company will have insurance options to cover your belongings. Some of your belongings are precious and while moving them there are changes of cracks or any other form of damage. With insurance from the Brisbane based movers, you will have peace of mind that your belongings are protected, even if an accident occurs.

3. Confirm their Accreditation

Other than having a look at the accreditation, also confirm the years for which they have been in the industry. More number of years determines more experience.

4. Check the types of equipment for removal

Before confirming the removalist, ask them to give the details of the truck in which the belongings are to be loaded and the equipment with which they will pack for moving your belongings. A good company will have good packing materials, efficient staffs, and owned vehicles. If you find that your belongings will be squeezed into a small truck, say no to them immediately. Do not refrain from shedding a few more dollars for a better moving experience.

5. Compare quotes

Always ask for the price quotes and then compare. Do not go for very low prices as it may lead to unexpected costs later on. Always choose the removalist that gives a reasonable price and ensures that there are no hidden costs. Adhere to your budget, but at the same time do not refrain from shedding a few more dollars for a more better relocation service.

These are a few tips that can help you choose the right removalist in Adelaide & Brisbane. The more you are prepared, the more stress-free your relocation will be. Once you choose the removalist, plan with them the further course of action properly. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a good Brisbane removalist now!

Best Tips and Tricks for Hassle-free Move!

Moving and packing may sometimes appear you convenient and manageable. But practically it is a daunting task and it requires lots of planning and constructive management skills. If you really want to move your valuable goods safely without any hassles then you need to follow some important tips and tricks, and even store your valuables safely if the need arises for it. Clean all those unnecessary stuff that you don’t require any more,

Brisbane Movers

Moving and packing may sometimes appear you convenient and manageable. But practically it is a daunting task and it requires lots of planning and constructive management skills. If you really want to move your valuable goods safely without any hassles then you need to follow some important tips and tricks, and even store your valuables safely if the need arises for it.

Avoid most common mistakes:

  • Clean unwanted stuff:  Clean all those unnecessary stuff that you don’t require any more, otherwise get ready to spend on packing and moving them along.
  • Handle valuables with care:  Always carry your valuable jewelry, papers, and articles along with you and don’t make a mistake to pack them in boxes.
  • Pack ‘Open –Box’:  Pack all urgent stuff separately in a box and keep the box handy.
  • Plan before the move: Always plan in advance to manage the things better to ensure a successful move.
  • Attentively read all T & C:  Be attentive while reading any T & C of insurance and don’t leave a chance to repent later.

Useful tips:

  • Fill the box with heavier items at the bottom the lighter items on top.
  • Always use even sized boxes for easy shifting and storage.
  • Don’t forget to label each box for its easy identification.
  • Use paper packing to wrap each fragile item individually.
  • Prevent both overfilling or underfilling of boxes.
  • In case you don’t have any hanger box, fold and store your clothes in the chests and dresser drawers
  • Avoid leaving your valuables with packers. Always take pictures to claim insurance during the mishap.
  • Prepare and carry an emergency box.
  • Ensure furniture moving is carried with caution and care
  • Bubble wrap or newspaper should be used for pieces.
  • Dissemble all heavy stuff to ensure a safe transit.

At CBD Movers, we offer our customers the best professional help and advice to remain stress-free during their move. With our comprehensive packing services, we ensure a safe moving of your belongings to and from Brisbane. We provide best moving and packing solutions at affordable price. If planning to Move? Give Brisbane removalists a call on  0401257949 for the competitive deals and services.

Make your business moving Easy with us!

Moving your business office to a new place requires a great effort, time, and the right skill. While moving your office it is extremely important for you to maintain an environment free from disruption to office work, clients, employees, and vendors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avail the professional skills of office movers Brisbane. We hold an extensive industry experience and support

Brisbane Movers

Moving your business office to a new place requires a great effort, time, and the right skill. While moving your office it is extremely important for you to maintain an environment free from disruption to office work, clients, employees, and vendors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avail the professional skills of office movers Brisbane. We hold an extensive industry experience and support of right men and tools for the perfect execution of moving work to ensure an effective and happy office moving.

We have also created a checklist that helps us to deliver efficient service throughout the moving process:

Plan Pre-Move:

  • Choose an office space well equipped with all needful equipment and supplies to aid in the quick and smooth functioning of the office moving job.
  • Categorize and Outline all your requisites as per the floor plan of your new office. In such a way you can cut down on your packing and moving cost to discard or donate your unwanted stuff.
  • Once you get confirmation of your moving date just contact a reliable yet cheap removalists Brisbane. Consult with them all the things you wish to move. You can also ask for technical help and support to move your electronic equipment or office computers.
  • Ask your employees to pack and clear their individual workstations. This will help you segregate the removal effort and also make the moving process quick and convenient.

Plan during Move:

  • Make it sure that all the belongings are properly packed and loaded into the vehicle.
  • Hire a professional removalist service having a well-established network to get their needful support and assistance both at the pick-up and drop-out points.
  • Follow a comprehensive removal plan that involves dissembling, unpacking, and reassembling services at the new office.
  • Always make sure that all your expensive and delicate stuff are under insurance cover. This will help you prevent financial liability in case of unfortunate damage or loss of office valuables.

As a trusted removalist in Australia, CBD Movers has a large operational network across the continent. We offer best in class and unparalleled services to move all office stuff.  We are amongst one of the top cheap movers Brisbane, offering quality services at the affordable rates. Call us now for customized and cost-effective office removal deals.

Keep your Cost of Packing low with us.

It can be truly tempting and exciting for you to relocate to Brisbane. This capital city of the state of South Australia is the fifth most densely populated city in Australia. When it comes to relocation, there are certain important things that are always opted to remain low and well-managed. ‘Moving cost’ comes out as one out of those. You can better analyze, if the cost of packing supplies differs drastically,

It can be truly tempting and exciting for you to relocate to Brisbane. This capital city of the state of South Australia is the fifth most densely populated city in Australia. When it comes to relocation, there are certain important things that are always opted to remain low and well-managed. ‘Moving cost’ comes out as one out of those. You can better analyze, if the cost of packing supplies differs drastically, then it can’t be easy to move within budget. But, some potent and prudent packing providers can make all the difference.

Here, we are putting lights on few tips to keep your packing cost low:

  • Look for Quotes: As per your need, find five best service providers and collect quotes for your removal task. There are chances that some movers in Adelaide charge you per hour basis while others quote you for the complete tasks. So just relax and sort out what works best for your need.
  • Know about the list of services: Once you obtain the best quotes, be sure to compare all its components. Your ideal quote should cover the cost of furniture moving, packing material, cost of labor, dismantling, reassembling, coding and labeling, without any hidden cost.
  • Map Your Move wisely: Don’t make your move a hectic affair. Instead, take sufficient time to plan and map your move. You must avoid the offseason to get a cheaper deal otherwise you may face lack of availability of movers and permissions that may cost you heavily. Better to book your move in advance for better rate negotiation.
  • Declutter unwanted stuff to save effort and money: Spare some time to declutter all those stuff that you are least likely to use again. You can definitely save a lot of time, effort, as well as an unwanted expenditure on packing and moving of your useless stuff.

At CBD Movers, we are serving as renowned budget removalists Brisbane. By utilizing advanced technology and removal gear, we deliver the most desired quality and quantity of packing box supplies, thereby reducing unnecessary wastage of effort, time, and money. Our moving company Sydney is fully certified and registered to operate locally and interstate across the nation. For more details and customized offers, get in touch with us.

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