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5 Important Details You Can’t Forget in Your Office Relocation

It is very difficult to streamline an office relocation which makes it common to let a few important things slip away from one’s mind. If you are in the last stages of your office removals, this checklist will help you jog your memory about the few important things that are of utmost necessity to attend before you move into your new office space.

Checklist for Office Relocation in Brisbane


office removalists


    • Ensure that you have informed all your professional contacts about your new address. You may have service providers who used to physically visit your office, clients, acquaintances and any other people who need to know about the change of address. First, make a list of people who have visited your office or those who used to send parcels to your old office address and inform them beforehand with high priority. Also, inform everyone else to whom you have given your address and let them know about the new office address.
    • Facilitate your IT relocation efficiently. Nowadays, every business has become dependent on their IT infrastructure and it is important to give your IT team enough time to facilitate the office furniture move to your new location. Before you wind up all your relocation work and fix a date for the move, have a meeting with the IT persons and get an idea of when the entire IT relocation will be facilitated so that your employees can get to work as soon as you have shifted into the new office. Also, label the important office items so that you are able to access the important files without any confusion in the new office.IT office
    • Give time to your employees to declutter. You don’t want to take all the unnecessary stuff which has been hogging a lot of space to your new office. Take advantage of the relocation and use this chance to perform that declutter that you have been wanting to do for a long time. Let your employees know that they can declutter the inessential stuff and most of all, give them adequate time to do it. In addition to their daily work, they need to find time to sit and declutter the papers and files and therefore it is important to not rush them through the process.
    • Confirm with the removalists from Brisbane. Do not put off hiring a removalist until the last minute especially when you have the date of the relocation finalized. Generally, it will be convenient to move on the weekends if you do not want to disrupt your normal office working hours and it is difficult to get good, professional removal companies during the weekends at the last minute. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire an experienced Brisbane removalist at least a month before your decided date of relocation. Just before a few days, make a call and see if everything is set for the relocation to happen on time. If you have hired removalists for packing in your office relocation, then have a clear conversation with them at the time of booking to know what will be covered under the packing option and what you will need to take care on your own.
    • Keep your important data with you at all times. When you are relocating your files, documents, computers and such, there are chances that data may be lost or stolen. Therefore, the best decision to keep the hard drives of the computers, on which the most confidential data is stored, with you. Also, take the few selected important and confidential files and relocate them on your own. It wouldn’t take up a lot of space and you can also feel secure and confident without worrying the whole time during the relocation.


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