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7 Things to Do Just Before Your Moving Day

The day of your relocation is almost up. You need to say goodbye to familiar places, friendly neighbors, and close friends before you move to your new home. As the day of relocation approaches, your mind will be crowded with all things you mustn’t miss and add to it the emotional weight of going to a new place and leaving the familiar surroundings back.

You may, in the busiest moments, miss out on some important things that are necessary for your move. So here are seven things that you need to make sure a day or two before the day of your relocation and ensure that you have it all lined up in time for your big moving day.

Check if your new home is ready

things to do before you move

It would be a total mess if you arrive all excited at your new home and it isn’t ready! Keep tabs on it and ensure that it is all set. If you are leasing or renting out the place, then start making frequent calls to your house owner from 2 weeks before the house move in date and make it more frequent as you near the day of moving.

Check if you have notified the change of address

Don’t forget to notify the government and other private authorities about the change of your address. Wherever you get your emails from, send out a change of address notification and sometimes, a few of the emails may still be delivered to your old address. In that case, inform the next person who arrives to redirect them to you or inform you about it.

Keep your fridge ready

things to do before you move

Refrigerators are one of the last things that will be generally packed and in midst of the hectic work, you may forget getting them ready. To be on the safer side, use all of the food items in the refrigerator at least two days before your moving day. Plug the refrigerator from the socket, clean them inside out and keep the door open at least for the day so that it can be packed safely.

Keep your important records together

Keep the important documents with you instead of sending them through the removalists. At most, you will need to keep an extra file or two in your bag but it is safer to have them close. From educational certificates to government ID proofs and income tax records, it is better to have them on you.

Pack an overnight bag

things to do before you move

A day before you move, pack an overnight bag with the basic essentials like a change of clothes, important medicines, laptops, chargers, and small electronic items. Do not forget to include the files of important documents wrapped securely in a plastic cover. Have a water bottle full of water and some energy bars just in case. If you are moving in the winter season, pack some warm clothes, jerkins, socks, and sweaters in your overnight bag.

Check your removalists booking

You may have booked the removalists for your house move a long time back. It doesn’t hurt to make a call a day or two before your moving day to confirm your booking and the services you have hired them for. If you have not hired them for the service of furniture removals, ask if the disassembling and assembling of the furniture will cost more and plan accordingly. Fix the correct time for the removalists to arrive and get the house ready for them to get to work.

Clean your home

things to do before you move

It is important to clean your home thoroughly before leaving it. In the middle of all the hectic packing, you may want to hire a cleaning company to do the work for you. If you have planned to do the cleaning by yourself, plan out the week so that you have sufficient time to clean every nook and corner of the home.

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