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Best Tips and Tricks for Hassle-free Move!

Brisbane Movers

Moving and packing may sometimes appear you convenient and manageable. But practically it is a daunting task and it requires lots of planning and constructive management skills. If you really want to move your valuable goods safely without any hassles then you need to follow some important tips and tricks, and even store your valuables safely if the need arises for it.

Avoid most common mistakes:

  • Clean unwanted stuff:  Clean all those unnecessary stuff that you don’t require any more, otherwise get ready to spend on packing and moving them along.
  • Handle valuables with care:  Always carry your valuable jewelry, papers, and articles along with you and don’t make a mistake to pack them in boxes.
  • Pack ‘Open –Box’:  Pack all urgent stuff separately in a box and keep the box handy.
  • Plan before the move: Always plan in advance to manage the things better to ensure a successful move.
  • Attentively read all T & C:  Be attentive while reading any T & C of insurance and don’t leave a chance to repent later.

Useful tips:

  • Fill the box with heavier items at the bottom the lighter items on top.
  • Always use even sized boxes for easy shifting and storage.
  • Don’t forget to label each box for its easy identification.
  • Use paper packing to wrap each fragile item individually.
  • Prevent both overfilling or underfilling of boxes.
  • In case you don’t have any hanger box, fold and store your clothes in the chests and dresser drawers
  • Avoid leaving your valuables with packers. Always take pictures to claim insurance during the mishap.
  • Prepare and carry an emergency box.
  • Ensure furniture moving is carried with caution and care
  • Bubble wrap or newspaper should be used for pieces.
  • Dissemble all heavy stuff to ensure a safe transit.

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