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Buying Furniture in Bulk- 5 Quick Tips to Chase Moving Stress Away

This is it, are you ready? This is the big day when you buy new furniture for your new home. You have already made a list of things to do but you can see the stress sprouting up. How are you going to move those heavy fixtures and furniture pieces on your own? What if you end up breaking any of those expensive items? What if something slips out of your hand and injures somebody?

Buying Furniture in Bulk- 5 Quick Tips to Chase Moving Stress Away

Let’s not get stressed over the things that may or may not happen. The leading furniture movers in Brisbane advise you to make one more list, which is:

1. Dismantle

More than half of your stress is gone when you dismantle all those furniture pieces. Any of your tables, chairs, desks, and several cabinets and drawers that can be detached and disassembled, should be moved in parts. This is how several furniture removalists in Brisbane work. They locate those joints, follow the instruction manuals carefully, work to dismantle the limbs, and transfer the objects in parts.

2. Measure

Regardless of whether you’re moving your furniture from one room to another or taking your new furniture to your new house, you need to measure their dimensions and the breadth of your doorways and stairways as well. This is important if you do not have any detachable furniture pieces. It ensures that you do not end up breaking any of your possessions. It also allows you to arrange for enough padding, both for your doorways and your expensive objects to prevent them from any scratches or dents.

3. Plan

You can never move your furniture from one spot to another without deciding upon an efficient route. This is vital even when you are working with a furniture removals provider in Brisbane. Even they would require you to get rid of all the obstacles in the way as you move across those narrow passages. You can also decide where in between you can put down the heavy cargo and take a break. Also, they would recommend you to make space in the intended rooms before you start lifting stuff.

4. Supplies

You will need a lot of stuff to carry out this move successfully. A few of the items that you should invest in right away include:
• Moving blankets
• Dollies
• Lifting straps
• Stretch wraps
• Bubble wraps
• Hand trucks
• A few pieces of rope
• Furniture sliders
• Packing tape

You might also want to invest in a little bit of extra padding material to make sure that you do not run out of it at the last minute.

5. Sliders

Sliders can prove to be a very practical investment, especially if you want to move your heavy furniture pieces across wooden flooring. You will begin by placing one side of the heavy equipment on the slider. Always make sure that the side that is still on the ground in either the smooth one or padded with something. Now, lift the other side onto the slider. There you have it. Slide the heavy item to its intended destination. So, this is it. This is what’s going to get you rid of all your furniture moving stress when you buy it in bulk.