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Decluttering Stuff Before Moving A House In Brisbane?

If you are moving, downsizing your house can be the best thing that you can do to save money. It also reduces the stress of the move. Decluttering or downsizing makes the relocation more organised and makes it easier for the movers and packers to pack and load. Thousands of people move through movers in Brisbane everyday. Many people in this crowd prefer to declutter and downsize before they change houses.

There are multiple benefits of decluttering, some of which are listed below:

  • It makes the process of packing, loading, and moving your belongings easier.
  • It is more manageable to deal with fewer items.
  • Decluttering also involves categorising and labelling your moving boxes. This systematic process opens the window to a more efficient removal.
  • It is cheaper to downsize and move since it requires less time to pack and load.
  • You can actually earn a few bucks if you sell your old belongings.

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

If you watch the best movers in Brisbane closely, you’ll find that they prioritise and advise their customers to downsize. You can go DIY and do the decluttering yourself as well. Start things off by:

Making an inventory

It makes natural sense to be organised in everything you do. It maximises the output of your efforts. Making an inventory does just that for your downsizing as well as for the entire removal.

Make a list of everything that you own. Once you have a list in front of you, you can categorise your items based on the room they belong to, the type of item, their weight, etc. The best category is to divide them by the type of moving boxes and supplies they require. Electronics can go under one heading. Pillows and upholstery can go under one another. Similarly, fragile items like plant pots and crockery can be assigned different tags.

This list will give you an accurate list of what you own. More importantly, it will also let you know what you don’t need anymore – it can be anything from an old couch to a stack of magazines. Finally, an inventory helps you to understand your own removal requirements much better. You can share this inventory with your Brisbane movers as well. This, in turn, will result in a more accurate cost estimate. Therefore, even before you start the process of decluttering, it can help you in making the right choice for house and furniture removals amongst Brisbane movers.

Design a roadmap

Even a rough idea about how you should start decluttering can help a lot. A plan will allow you to follow a systematic process. It makes for a more efficient downsizing and removal process. If you are one who likes to jot down their thoughts, make a list of all the tasks that you have to do. Add downsizing to the list and subdivide it into smaller tasks. Since you have lots to do before the move, your downsizing should start as soon as possible.

Convert your inventory into a to-do list. Assign priorities to each item and write down the kind of packing supplies you need for them. Remember, it is all about cutting costs. You can reuse old boxes or buy second-hand boxes online.

If you plan to do your own packing and moving as well, this step becomes even more important. Moving house in a city like Brisbane needs a proper setup. Make sure that you have a clear idea about what you have to do.

Time to discard duplicates and sell off the excess

There are several options for your items that you don’t need anymore. If they can be recycled, you should go down that route. Many items may hold some value even if they do not have any use for you. You can arrange a garage sale or sell them off on eBay or something. Finally, you can discard any stuff that has no value and cannot be recycled. Make sure that you throw things away in an appropriate manner.

Since you already have an inventory helping you out, you can start off by removing the duplicates. Maybe you have more than one CD player or two microwaves. Things do tend to accumulate if you live in a house long enough. Moving is an amazing time to cut down on all these and start afresh! Expert house movers in Brisbane also suggest minimising the number of items that you should relocate in this manner.

Convert hard copies to soft copies

One of the best things that you can do for your life is to reduce paper usage and your carbon footprint. A way forward here is to scan old bills, documents, etc. (stuff that you find relevant) and then throw away the files. Keep a soft copy of everything that can be converted this way. Music and movie DVDs, files and documents, photographs – all these things can be converted and stored in your computer.

Invest into smart storage solutions

You don’t need as many drawers and cupboards as you currently have. Trust us on this one. There are so many ‘smart’ options for storage available online. Invest in these at your new place and discard the old cabinets and drawers. It will also make your house more organised. Consult your Brisbane house movers about this and ask them if they can suggest any similar storage solutions.

These storage solutions don’t have to be technologically advanced as well. The idea to grasp here is to utilise the space available to you. For example, buy a bed that has a storage compartment beneath it. Go for a modular kitchen in your new house. Get a garage cupboard instead of letting your automobile supplies and tool boxes sprawled everywhere on the floor.

Turn your decluttering in modules

That is – execute the process in phases. This will keep you stress-free and the results will be better as well. You can work with a clear head. This will reduce the risk of errors that you might make during the downsizing. Make sure you are relaxed – you don’t want to mistakenly throw away an important document or a piece of jewellery in the process.

Keep your most essential items aside

Following up on the previous idea, you should always keep the most important stuff in a separate palace before you start downsizing. This can include your mobile phone charger, identity cards, medicines, etc. You know what you need the most. Assign a room or a space for these belongings before you begin!

Finally, hire help if required

If things become overwhelming, it is always wise to seek expert help. There are several good house moving companies in Brisbane. The Brisbane house movers can be hired at an hourly rate. You can use their expertise to declutter and then pack and move everything – all as one complete package. You can stay stress-free and simply supervise everything from up top.

Since Brisbane is a large urban settlement that has a decent population, there is a lot of demand for house movers. Book one in advance and try to choose one that offers affordable yet efficient moving services. In time, you will be settled in your new house, sipping on some cold beverages!