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Electrical Safety Tips to Consider When Moving a House in Brisbane

A lot of things come to your mind from the moment you plan to shift your house. It involves the racing thoughts of finding the right house movers, especially in big cities like Brisbane, which offer a plethora of options to choose from. Next, choosing the right cleaners who can get you your bond money back is another tricky situation. You may also worry about adjusting to a new city.

Electrical Safety Tips to Consider When Moving a House in Brisbane

The racing thoughts will always leave you wondering if you chose the best removalists in Brisbane. Whether or not you hire a professional move-out cleaning service, you may also have nightmares of electrical mishaps or minor to major accidents that may happen.

Some of the most common concerns that people have when moving houses are finding the best movers in Brisbane and having a smooth inspection by the property owners. And to prevent the commonly occurring electrical mishaps at the time of high-pressure water cleaning.

But do not worry; today, we have got you some points that will help you prevent any sort of electrical hazards that may occur at the time of your house move.

Well, there is a lot of chaos while moving a house in Brisbane, so you can even miss the general checklist at that time. Thus, before we take you on a tour of electrical precautions to take before you move your house, here are some general electrical precautions that you must take at all times.

1. Always keep all electrical appliances dry

Always keep all electrical appliances dry

Water and electricity are a deadly combination. If you accidentally drop some electrical appliance in water or water gets spilled on it, immediately unplug the appliance. And before you unplug it, turn off the switch.

2.  Get the wiring done properly

When you shift to your new house, you should consider getting a licensed and expert electrician. An experienced electrician will help you with the underground power lines. Before you move in, make sure that you get the wiring done properly so that it runs underground. It will prevent any sort of mishap that may happen due to water getting spilled over it or the cords getting distorted.

3. Protect against electrical surges

Protect Against electrical surges

Turning off electrical equipment such as computers and TVs when they are not in use will prevent overheating or power surges, which further prevents fire or damage to your electronics.

Also, use a surge protector when your electronic equipment is on.

4. Electrical cord safety precautions

Make sure that your electrical cords are:

-Do not run under the rugs or carpets.

-Do not go across the furniture.

-Are not frayed or damaged

-Are not in high-traffic areas

So these were some general electricity measures. Here are some electricity measures and tips on electrical appliances that you must take during your house move:

1. Review the electrical appliance checklist

Make it a point that your electrical appliances are safely accommodated and transported while moving house. Make a checklist of all the items that need to be moved, as some appliances need extra care. Some of the appliances that need to be moved are fridges, toasters, washing machines, ovens, computers, printers, phones, driers, etc. All of these require different sets of precautions. For a washing machine, you need to drain out the water completely. For the refrigerator, you will have to unplug it 36 hours before the move, etc.

2. Test the safety switches

Test the safety switches

Before shifting to a new place, check the electrical safety switches. You have to press the “T” or “Test” button. If the switch is able to turn off the power, then it is functional. It does not mean that just putting on safety switches will save you from any electrical hazards. You have to check them. If the switches are there, go and check them before you decide to move in or even before you call your move-in cleaners.

3. Be watchful and attentive

While you are taking a tour of the new house, check all the water fittings. If you feel a tingle in your fingers when you touch any water fitting, that indicates faulty grounding of your electrical installation. Ask a licensed electrician to investigate.

4. Turn off your electric and gas utilities

Turn off electric and gas utilities

It may sound like an obvious tip, but it should be your priority to turn off all your appliances and gas. It is advisable to do it two hours after you move out. It is so because you may need power during the move. But in the case of a refrigerator, empty it promptly and defrost it for 36 hours before your move. It will prevent the water from leaking out of it during the transition. Also, when you clean your washing machine, even then, you have to make sure it is dry before you pack it. After taking these measures, disconnect all the utilities. It will take 2-3 days to do this.

5. Electrical Inspections

While moving a house in Brisbane, it is recommended to reach out to a qualified electrician to conduct a thorough electrical inspection of the new place. Electricians will help you to ensure that the wiring of the new house is done properly and is safe to use. This will prevent any electrical hazards that may happen in the future. Consult your local electricians to check the wiring and ensure the safe installation of the utilities. You can ask your local removals in Brisbane to help you reach out to the experts who can inspect your place thoroughly.

6. Look for water leaks

Water is a carrier of electricity. Before you get all your utilities installed, check if the walls and ceiling do not have any leakage issues. If it is so, then get that fixed first and then install your electrical appliances. Prefer avoiding the appliances in those areas even after the repair because if those areas are prone to leakage, then it can reoccur anytime in the future and cause trouble.

So, this was a guide to help you in taking the right electricity measures while moving a house in Brisbane. We hope that you are all set to move now.