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How to Arrange a Successful Relocation to the Bustling City of Brisbane

Moving to one of the popular cities in Australia, Brisbane is of course filled with a lot of excitement. Brisbane is a combination of the modern city with the architectural side maintained intact. The tall skyscrapers can be seen sharing the locality with older buildings, museums, and other places of historical significance, and make sure you don’t miss the nightlife of Brisbane.


Moving to Brisbane is a big step for anyone to be in midst of the happening city of Australia. Like you, many people have come to Brisbane to set up their life over here and with many dreams. Therefore, like any other major city in the world, the city is bustling with traffic that some have to start from their home at 5 AM to reach their office on time. Such is the demand and the opportunities Brisbane holds to pull people over with the magnetic capability and help them achieve their dreams.

So if you are planning to relocate to Brisbane and handling furniture removal on your own, then you need to know a few regulations about this city that you must adhere at all times.

Here are a few basic ones that you must absolutely know by the time you are driving your vehicle to Brisbane to set your home up there.

Basic Road Rules in Brisbane

Basic Road Rules in Brisbane

  • Carry your driving license on you at all times. If you are not from Australia, then know that it is compulsory to carry a license all over Australia.
  • If you are taking a truck to your new home with your belongings, then know that trucks can be parked in the residential area for only an hour within 100m of any residential land, according to Brisbane City Council’s Heavy & Long Vehicle Parking 1999 Local Law. If you exceed the time of parking, then you will need to pay the penalty. In case the truck is repaired, then it is mandatory to make repairs to move it as soon as possible to the nearby non-residential place to tend to it completely.
  • Do not stop at clearways to pick up or drop people. If you do so, you will be sent a parking fine or your vehicle can be towed away. You should also not stop at any areas in the road marked with yellow lines.
  • If you want to use a commercial vehicle parking, there are some zones available near the business areas where you can park a commercial vehicle for 20 minutes. This is called a commercial loading zone and it shouldn’t be used to drop off or pick up people. You can find these commercial loading zones here.
  • While parking outside your new residence, ensure that your vehicle isn’t blocking access to the driveway of your residence or any other residence nearby and to the pedestrians. Also, ensure that it isn’t blocking any view of the road for the others driving. You cannot park up to 20m from a signaled intersection or 10m from a non-signaled intersection.

Relocating in midst of Brisbane traffic

Relocating in midst of Brisbane traffic

Read through all the road regulations of Brisbane if you are new to Australia. Even if you are from Australia, there are a few rules and regulations that are specific to the city; so make sure to stay updated on it.

Have a map in handy and follow it. Be clear about the route you are going to take. Avoid driving during the rush hours as you make take double the time to arrive at your destination.

Drive within the speed limit mentioned on the side of the roadways and stick to your lane as much as you can when you drive except when you are planning to take a turn.

Brisbane removalists to the rescue

If you aren’t sure about transportation, it is safer to hire an experienced house removal services provider to help you with the transportation. Do check furniture relocation tips or online to make the move smooth and without and less tiring. The professional and native removalists will know all the directions and the regulations; so you don’t need to worry about all the nuances of parking and driving all on your own but make sure not to compromise on hiring movers. All you have to do is to hire these removalists in Brisbane for your relocation and they can take charge of the transportation.

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