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How to Safely Move a Pool Table?

How to Safely Move a Pool Table?

How many times have you relocated or moved your furniture from one place to the other?

If not even for once, then moving is something which can lead to troublesome situations. Moving from here to there isn’t a pleasing task yet frustrating and can give you a lot of pain.

From furniture to home, when you have to move anything, you need planning and lots of time investment for the task. That’s the same case with a pool table. So you have a pool table at your home and you want to move it to some other place. Maybe you have bought a new apartment in a different city and want it to move there. Or maybe you want to gift your old pool table to your cousin or sibling living in another city away from you.

Pool is a nice game and people find it an amazing way of killing time. From young ones to the elders, everyone plays pool and pretty much enjoys spending time over the table. Also great for family union and small gathering, people love to have a full-sized pool table in their homes. But what do you do when you just simply have to move your lovely pool table from your home? It’s not something you will enjoy doing so, right?

It’s not a child’s play to move a bulky sized pool table. Moving process of a pool table is tiring one. Not to forget that if you have a pool table at your home, it is not among the heaviest items you own but when you have to move it, you will have to follow a tiring process of disassembling the table. While you may think that you would call your mates to help you with it, be sure that even then this task will not give you pleasure.

Also, pool tables are highly delicate and need proper care and attention while moving. You should know that a pool table weighs around 1000 pounds which is something really heavy. Most people prefer DIY for moving a pool table. However, there are a few situations to be considered. One such situation is if you are moving the pool table over a small distance. It can be within the same apartment, just moving to a different location, room or hall. Or you have to move it for long distance such as from one city to the other.

Though, your first thought would be to call your friends and family and get the pool table moved with their help. But since, the table is delicate; you need professional tools and equipment so that the move can be carried out successfully and smoothly without any damage to the table.

Moving pool table not only requires physical strength but it also requires great carpentry skills along with tools and equipment used to disassemble the table. And then you need to call your friends or family members who are well built physically. It should take at least four of them.

Gather all the required materials, tools and supplies for moving the table

The first thing of your project should be to gather all the tools and equipment used to move the table. Your toolbox should have a power drill, socket wrench, moving blanket, screwdrivers, staple removers etc. You buy these supplies from the supply stores easily. Just make a list and visit the store to buy them. Don’t plan of moving pool table if you don’t own all the required tools and equipment.

Rent a nice moving truck for the table

You need a truck or a big sized ute. You can’t move a table in your personal car. A pool table comes in various sizes such as 7ft, 8 ft or 9 ft. Therefore, you can’t move the table in any normal vehicle. You need to rent out a truck for this purpose. A pickup truck would be perfect to rent out for moving your pool table from your home to some other place you are planning it to get transferred. However, make sure that it’s a pickup truck several and the driver or any person with the truck won’t assist you in moving. You yourself will have to do the job. They will only help you load the table in the truck. Check with the truck rental companies and compare their price quotes to find a budget-friendly truck rental service.

Taking the pool table apart

The very first step is to take the pool table apart. You can’t move the table as it is. You need to first remove its parts so that it can be moved through the door easily without any inconvenience. Disassembling a pool table requires one to have a basic knowledge of the pool table construction.

What if you miss a few of the screws or any small part which can be really hard to find again?

The first part is to remove all the six ball pockets of the table through the staples. If these are screwed then you will need a good quality screwdriver to remove the pockets. Now take a socket wrench and tackle the side rails of the pool table. Place all the bolts and screws in separately in a box so that you don’t end up losing them. After this you are required to remove the felt which is on the pool table’s top. With the help of a staple remover, take every staple carefully. Make sure that you don’t rip off the felt and don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Next, are the slates of the table. Be careful since the slates are heavy weighing no less than 400 pounds. Here you will need your friends to lift them up and remove. These slates are screwed to the table hence you need a power drill to unscrew. Once you remove the screws, carefully lift the slate and remove them. After this, you can remove the legs and main body of the table. You may have to put the table upside – down for better access.

Load the pool table in the truck

Once you are done with disassembling the table into different parts, make sure that all the parts are wrapped with protective coverings for extra protection during the transient. The packing material should be of good quality. The parts can be wrapped with bubble wrap. You can use moving blankets. The slates have an immense amount of weight. Thus, you will need extra physical power to lift and load them the truck. The parts being delicate need attention and protection while loading. Mind that you don’t damage any part while loading into the truck. Driving safely is also a thing you should consider. Either you can hire a truck itself and drive on your own or you can hire the truck and the drivers.

Putting the pool table parts all together

It is recommended that you keep the entire process of disassembling pool table in your mind so that you don’t forget the process of reassembling it back to the same position. Or a better thing is to keep a manual which explains how to disassemble and reassemble for a move. Ask your friends to help you in reassembling the table to the same structure, the way it was. Ensure that you are carrying all the screws and staples. You should keep in the small boxes or bag so that you don’t miss them at any place. The first thing to do is attack the legs back to the same place. Next is the slate, the heavy thing is to be placed in the same place. After legs and slates, you have the felt which is to be placed on the top. After this, the next is attaching the pockets and rails. This can be a bit tricky but if you remember everything while disassembling, you can easily do this.

One thing to keep in mind while moving the pool table is to check if the house the hallway has enough space to move the table through the area. Measuring the passage to ensure if the table can be moved through smoothly can help you a lot. Make sure that doors are all open properly. Protect and walls and floor while moving the table.

It is highly recommended that the screws are tightly put back. The leveling of the pool table is very important. The level gets disturbed after disassembling moving the table. If the table’s level isn’t perfect, you will have difficulty while playing on it. You will need to level the pool back again with the help of spirit level or other leveling instruments. You should also consider using moving dollies. You will need 4 dollies for each leg of the table. A pool table lift is also a good option also promises extra safety and reduces the risk of damage to a minimum.

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