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How to Pack a Washing Machine When Moving to Brisbane

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving. It takes a lot of guts to pack heavy machinery or furniture securely. People in big suburbs like Brisbane hire special services to take up the moving tasks. Thus, for this reason, the demand for professional movers is increasing.

How to Pack a Washing Machine When Moving to Brisbane

Many movers in Brisbane provide special packing services to safely move heavy machinery and furniture. They know the right techniques to carry out this process. Things become even more overwhelming when you have to move things from another city. And due to the flourishing economy, people are moving to Brisbane. Thus, interstate movers in Brisbane come to the rescue in this case. They know the right route that you can take and, thus, save you from those extra hours that would add to your rate. There are many companies in Brisbane that provide special furniture removal services. Thus, carrying heavy furniture is also not much of a hassle.

Some of the most complex things to pack are the washing machine, pool table, furniture, piano, etc. In this article, we will help you to understand how you can pack your washing machine safely.

Let’s get started and pack your washing machine first:

Step 1:

The first and most important step is to make sure your washing machine is clean. The cool trick is to give it a hot wash without using any detergent. Put some white vinegar by the cupful in the detergent dispenser. It will help you to remove the soap residue that is lingering inside your washing machine. Once you have done this, open the door of the machine and let it rest overnight to dry naturally.

 Step 2:

The next step is to unplug the machine from the main power point. After unplugging it, turn off the taps that are connected to the machine and supply water to it. There is a chance of extra water being left in the washing machine. To remove this, use a spanner and undo the water hoses. Keep a bucket handy to avoid the mess. Tip the hose into this bucket and remove the excess water from the hose. Finish the process by disconnecting the hoses from the ends of the machine. Now, wrap them in a towel and put them in the washing machine.

Step 3:

Now comes the turn of the drainage hose. It is the point from where the water drains out of the washing machine. Hold the drain hose lower than the washing machine. You can also tilt the machine to one side. It will help you drain out excess water from the machine. After you have drained out as much water as possible, complete the process by taping up the backside of the machine and taping the hose. Do the taping process using packing tape and in an upward direction.

 Step 4:

The next step is to secure the drum. The process will vary according to the front-loading or top-loading machine requirements. Look for your washing machine’s instructions manual to seek better guidance. You can also find them online by mentioning the brand of your washing machine.

If your washing machine is a front loader, usually two shipping bolts are inserted to keep the drum intact. These bolts come with your washing machine. Do not panic if you have lost them. You can easily get them from your machine manufacturer. In the case of a front-loading washing machine, use some foam or padding between the casing of the machine and the drum. This will prevent the drum from moving.

 Step 5:

In the case of top-loaders, tape up the lid. Then wrap up the machine in a blanket. Fix the blanket nicely with plastic cling wrap or packing tape.

 Step 6:

Now that you have nicely packed your washing machine, it is all set to be moved. Make sure that it does not bang on the walls of the trucks and remains still throughout the journey. Also, ensure that it remains upright during the transition. Finish the wrapping with the box straps to prevent any movement.

Loading and unloading

After the successful pre-packing activities and packing have been conducted, the next step is to safely load it. Once it is safely loaded and straps are used, there is no worry about the transition process, but the unloading is yet another challenge. For this reason, many movers in Brisbane take special care during the loading and unloading process. In case you are attempting it yourself, take these keynotes:

-Put signs on the washing machine stating which side is up. Place the machine on dollies to move it without any hassle.

-Load it successfully and use the straps to prevent it from moving during the transition.

-After completing the entire process, unload it and move it again using the dollies.

-If you hired movers during the move and they disassembled the parts of your machine, first label them properly and then, after moving them to the laundry area, assemble them carefully. Movers in Brisbane who provide loading and unloading services will do the assembling too. You can inquire about it.

You must be thinking that moving a washing machine is a hassle and that it would be better to buy a new one in your new location. But how to decide if you need to buy a new one or just move the old one? Don’t worry here. We have got you covered with some points that will help you decide whether you need to buy a new machine or not. Here are the parameters to decide if you need a new machine or not:

If the machine needs repair or if it is old

If your machine has reached the two-digit age group, then it is time to replace or repair it. New washing machines are designed as per the new technology as well. It has a system that is developed to consume less energy and work more efficiently. Thus, if it has become old enough and has become noisy and slow, it needs repair. Rather than repairing it and paying for the repair, you can buy a new one.

Poor maintenance

After the new models are launched by the company, they may not provide the maintenance services for the old ones. Thus, there is no point in keeping the model for which you are finding it hard to get maintenance services.

Some other reasons

If your washing machine is leaking or is making a lot of noise, then you should also consider replacing it. It is so because first you will have to pay the maintenance charges and then some movers in Brisbane charge as per weight, so you will have to pay for that too. And then, obviously, the packing hassle is also for real. So, it is better to buy a new one in this case.

All in all

If you are looking to move your washing machine or heavy furniture, you should consider hiring a professional moving company. They will help you with their experience and will relieve you of the extra stress.