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How To Pack Crockery Before Moving House In Brisbane?

House Moving in Brisbane

You can imagine yourself stuffing newspapers inside your cups. You are thinking about how much bubble wrap you’ll need to cover all your beautiful expensive crystalware. 

But what about your beer mugs? You don’t want them to get scratched at any cost. Clearly, you must be looking for a few tips regarding the same. You haven’t ever packed your crockery before. So yes, this little guide should be able to put you in the right direction. Go by what house movers in Brisbane would do:

1. Downsize Your Crockery

There are always going to be a few pieces that you will not need in your new kitchen. These can be your plates, some of your cereal bowls, a long list of your glasses that you probably want to get rid of, and a few coffee mugs as well. You can also get rid of your old dinnerware if you are thinking of buying a new set in your new home. Remember, packing all your crockery is going to be a very time-consuming process without downsizing them.

2. Make A List Of Your Current Possessions

You will then have to make a list of all your plates, bowls, glasses, salad trays, mugs, and cups, spoons, forks, and everything that you want to take to your new house. Grab your smartphone or your tablet and click a few pictures of all the items from every angle. Do this before you start putting them in the moving boxes. You should assemble all of them either on your dining table or living room where there are plenty of plain surfaces. Make sure that you do not miss any of the items and also remember to share the same list with the house movers in Brisbane.

3. Set Aside Items More Delicate Than Others

There will always be a few items that will be more delicate than others. These can be your expensive china and like pointed out before, your beautiful beer mugs. Some of your crockery items might have a lot of emotional value to you. These could be your family heirlooms or anything that has been passed on to you from your previous generations. You will have to create a separate box for these belongings because you don’t want them to get chipped, scratched, or broken.

4. Find The Most Appropriate Supplies

This is the most critical step. You will have to begin by looking for the most appropriate boxes. Remember to shop for a few sturdy boxes with a double lining. A few other items that you should put on your shopping list include:

  • A few rolls of cotton 
  • Wrapping paper 
  • Bubble wraps 
  • Cushioning rolls 
  • Stapler 
  • Label maker 
  • Permanent markers 
  • Packing and partition kits for your china 
  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes 
  • Packing tape 
  • Packing paper 
  • Partition kits for your glassware
  • Moving blankets 
  • Old newspapers

5. Time To Assemble The Boxes

Time to Assemble The Boxes

Now, it is time to assemble the boxes and you can never afford to go wrong with this step. You will have to look at the size of each of your crockery pieces and pick a box that suits them the best. Do not put a small item in a large box and also don’t overload any boxes with your crockery. This is only going to make your items more prone to colliding with one another and/or rattle and eventually you will be putting them at risk of breakage during transit.

  • Gather all your spoons and forks that are of a similar size and shape and tie them with a rubber band. Movers in Brisbane recommend you place these stacks in one or two of your small boxes. 
  • Collect all your bowls and place them one over the other, making sure that there is at least a double layer of bubble wrap between each piece. You will then have to place the entire stack of your bowls in an upright cardboard cuboid. Make sure to stuff the box with enough old newspapers and a layer of bubble wrap. This is going to prevent them from breaking.
  • You will have to perform the same process with your plates as well. You must insert enough cushioning between each piece as you stack them over one another. Keep them in a large medium-height box. Now fill in the empty spaces with enough wrapping paper so that the box is firm and stable.

6. Taking Care Of Your Expensive Dishes – Wrapping Them Individually

Several house movers in Brisbane suggest you pack your expensive dishes only in their original packing/boxes. If you want you can add pieces of styrofoam and extra wrapping paper to make these boxes more stable. If you can’t get a hold of their original boxes, it is advised to pack them individually in separate wrapping papers, with a layer of shrink wrap and stash them neatly in different boxes. 

7. Do Not Forget Your Cups And Glasses

Your cups and glasses need to be filled with enough packing paper before you wrap them with a bubble wrap. It is not a good idea to stack your crystal glasses over one another. Instead, you should place them side by side in a short and wide medium-sized box. Fill in the empty spaces with cotton and bubble wrap.

8. Loading The Truck Right

Loading The Truck Right

Now that you have all your crockery boxes ready, it is time to call your movers in Brisbane and load the truck. 

  • Make sure that all your furniture pieces and heavy cargo have already gone into the truck and are well settled
  • You will need to mark all your crockery boxes fragile and also display which side goes up
  • Place all the heavier items on the bottom and the light ones on top of them only if there is no space on the floor of the truck
  • The large boxes should go on the floor and then the medium ones, and the small ones right at the top
  • You can stabilize those boxes by keeping your rolled carpet right next to them
  • If you have any of your mattresses and beddings nearby, make sure to place them on the other side of your crockery boxes

What next? Ask the driver to take the safest route and maintain a decent speed. Happy moving!