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Labeling Your Way Through Your Office Move

Relocating an office can be chaos and imagine that chaos multiplied by the number of departments in your office! The relocation can get unruly and often lead to problems among the employees if proper steps and procedures aren’t taken beforehand. The best way to prevent problems from arising during the office relocation is to plan a long way before your relocation day and label all the things properly so that you are able to get everything you need easily once you start unpacking in your new office space.

Labeling plays a major part in any relocation and bigger the relocation, the more important it becomes. For your office move, have a marker and labeling stickers by the side of the employees and ask them to label away all!

The right way to labeling

The right way to labeling

In an office move, it isn’t just sufficient to label whatever is in a box. There may be other departments in the office who will have the same set of things. So the best way is to label every single box in a single simple pattern that will be unanimously followed by all.

If your office has multiple floors, then start with floor number, room number or room name and the things inside the box. This will clear up the problems since the room from which the box is packed can be easily identified. This is just an example of how efficiently you can use labeling to clear ambiguity. You can also make your own labeling pattern and ask all the employees to follow the same.

Packing individual properties

When you are packing properties of individuals that shouldn’t be exchanged at any cost, like the computers they use, the furniture of persons from higher management and so on, it is best to specify the name of the person to whom it belongs on the top of the box with big, legible words.

Colour coding

Colour coding

There are many ways by which you can use color coding to prevent the confusions that may crop up. We generally use color coding to easily identify the boxes from a distance at ease quickly without needing to reading everything written on it. So it is up to you to use it wisely. You may use a particular color code for each department or room. Or, you can use color codes based on the order and the urgency by which the items in the boxes will be needed once you reach your new office. For example, the computers and the important files can be marked with high priority which stationery items can be given low priority.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind with color codes is that a paper with the explanation of the color codes needs to be present with all the employees before and after the relocation.

Labeling the files

Labeling the files

There is no shortage of files in an office and this may pose a problem during the relocation. If you have a file room with the systematic ordering system, then it is imperative that you pack the files without disturbing the filing system and label the box with the exact names of the files.

If you have any important files in it or files of sensitive nature that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands, then create your own labeling system with respect to the filing system and share the labeling order with only the important people in the office.

Even when experienced removalists are handling your move, labeling can go a long way in helping you set up your office at your new place quickly and efficiently with minimal issues. When you hire removalists for furniture removals service, ensure that the disassembled parts of the furniture are also labeled so that it is simple for your employees to assemble them back.

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