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Moving House In Brisbane? 11 Tips For Packing Kitchen Items Like A Pro

11 Tips For Packing Kitchen Items Like A Pro

Out of all the rooms in your house, the one spot that you find the most critical and complicated when moving house in Brisbane is your kitchen. This is because it has all the items that you might want to put to use the moment you move into your new house. It also has all the complicated and delicate appliances that you would never want to risk damaging. It is going to take up a lot of thinking just to make an inventory list here. Needless to mention there is your fridge as well which contains all the food items that you must either use up or pack in a way that they don’t go bad by the time you move into your new house. But let’s not digress.

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 Let’s begin with a few tips that can help you simplify the entire procedure.

1. Sort And Simplify

Even the most reputable removalists in Brisbane would start my sorting and simplifying your kitchen inventory. This will help you plan everything in advance. Select the items that you want to take to your new home and separate the ones that you might want to put up for a sale. You might also want to empty out some of your cupboards and drawers directly into the trash can. These items are the ones that cannot be put to use again.

2. Let’s Take Care Of Your Food

Let's Take Care Of Your Food

Now without any delay, let’s take care of all the food items that you have stored in your refrigerator. This also means that you must defrost your freezer and fridge at the same time. The items that haven’t been opened or have a long expiry date can go straight into your moving boxes. The food items that are open but haven’t been completely consumed can be used to prepare supper or lunch for the day. If you have any excess food in your refrigerator-that you know will not get used, you can always deliver it to a local food bank.

3. Packing Your Appliances

Now let’s pack your critical appliances. Dismantle all the components and pack them individually. You will have to invest in a few extra pieces of wrapping paper and bubble wrap to protect them from breaking when you are moving them. Make sure that there are no gaps and spaces in your moving boxes when you are placing them inside. All the hoses, compartments, attachments, nozzles, trays, and lids should be packed separately. Do stuff enough wrapping paper and bubble wrap in between all these parts so that they do not rattle and break when they are in transit.

4. Protecting Your Stemware And Glasses

Protecting Your Stemware And Glasses

Your stemware and glasses are some of your most prized possessions. You can never let them break. It is always better to stuff them with wrapping paper and encase them in a form-fitting container. When moving any kind of glassware, you will need extra support and very soft padding materials. If you have any paper towels or old bed sheets, make use of them to prepare your moving boxes for such delicate items.

5. What About Those Bowls And Plates?

Your bowls and plates are also very expensive and you have spent a good amount of time creating this collection. You will have to use extra wrapping paper when you are stacking them over one another. Use plastic wrap to keep them stable. Some of them might be very durable but that does not mean that you should take any risks. Make sure that you have ample wrapping paper and styrofoam balls placed in the spaces and gaps inside the box. All your breakable items must be packed first and put into the box with enough cushioning.

6. What We Almost Forgot – Packing Supplies

This brings us to a very important question when moving with professional house movers in Brisbane. What about the packing supplies? Let’s make a quick list for you right now:

  • Wrapping paper moving house in Brisbane
  • Butcher paper 
  • A set of pliers and scissors 
  • Nylon rope 
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Shrink wrap 
  • Old bed sheets 
  • Paper towels
  • Permanent markers 
  • Label maker 
  • Old newspapers 
  • Styrofoam balls

7. How Can You Forget Your Pots And Pans?

When you are packing your large and medium-size pots and pans, it is a good idea to use them as a base for your smaller utensils. You will have to use butcher paper to pack your plates and shallow bowls. These give them enough of a protective covering and also prevent any scratches when you are transporting them. You will have to create layers of packing material when you are in the process of stacking your bowls and plates over one another.

8. Serving Utensils

Serving Utensils

All your trays and serving utensils are some of the most convenient and easy-to-pack items. You will need a flat and short box for these objects. Most of these items are relatively more durable as compared to your glassware and other expensive kitchen items. You can pack them with just one layer of bubble wrap and you might be good to go. But remember not to be too stingy with the padding.

9. Stay Away From Those Knives

Yes. Removalists in Brisbane suggest you keep your children far away from knives and scissors. You might not be able to find any packing material for these items. It is better to wrap them in a paper towel and then cover them in a piece of old bed sheet. If you have any old clothes, make use of them to cover their sharp edges and corners.

10. Stuff That You Might Want To Toss Out

Stuff That You Might Want To Toss Out

There will always be a few items that you can give away or probably even ask your friends to just take away if they want them. These can be some of your:

  • Plastic kitchenware 
  • Small appliances you don’t need anymore
  • Baking tins 
  • Fragile items such as small glasses and plates 
  • A few pots and pans that you don’t use 
  • Contents of your old drawers
  • Wines and beers 
  • Unfinished liquor bottles and canisters 
  • Small fragrance bottles 
  • Spices and teas

11. Packing Your Wine And Liquor

Packing Your Wine And Liquor

But you cannot possibly imagine throwing away all the expensive liquor that you have collected over the years. You must make a little room for your delicious wines and craft beers in your moving boxes. You must pack all these bottles right in the beginning. In fact, it is better to start your day by packing all your beverages including your cooking oils and fine vinegar as well. Make sure that you wrap them nicely with wrapping paper and give them an extra layer of bubble wrap before you stuff them into your moving boxes. There are several airtight seals available in the market that work perfectly to preserve their aroma and taste while you are getting them transported to your new house. You can find them easily on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot to do, especially when you are packing your kitchen all by yourself. It is better to take the assistance of a professional because that way, things just get done much faster and moving house in Brisbane becomes a lot easier. So yes, these were a few tips that are definitely going to prove useful. Try them out.