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Moving requires strength and skill, something that the removalists specialize in. So unless you have the right expertise and knowledge of how to handle things and shift them, you must not attempt it all by yourself. Not only are you going to exhaust yourself but also end getting injured.

Injuries caused due to heavy lifting or shifting is common and therefore, it is crucial to safeguard yourself from it. Some injuries can even be permanent. Some of the common injuries caused while moving are as follows:

  • Back pain: The most common injury of all is the back injury. Don’t attempt to carry heavy items all by yourself. Use your legs while lifting and not your back. Also, stretching exercises help prepare your body and must be done compulsorily before starting the moving process.Back pain
  • Sprain or muscle pull: Improper postures while lifting causes injuries such as sprains, muscle pulls, muscle soreness, and strains. An unprepared body attracts these injuries, especially if you load your body with more than what it can take.
  • Broken bones: Even if you rule out the severe cases of broken bones, cases such as crushed fingers and toes are common during moving. Having doors which close behind you is one of the leading causes of broken bones.

To arm yourself against these injuries, equip yourself with the following tools:

Safety Gloves

  • Gloves: Gloves help provide grip to your fingers while also avoiding splinters because of the cushioning effect. These safety gloves might seem expensive but cost nothing in front of your health or the amount of money wasted after the injury.
  • Furniture sliders: These enable you to move large objects like the sofa. They reduce the time for which you have to utilize your physical strength to hold them.
  • Dollies or hand trucks: They decrease the physical strain of lifting large items.Dollies or hand trucks
  • Forearm forklift devices: These help move objects such as mattresses.
  • Shoes: Good shoes (sneakers are ideal) provides grip and supports your body.

Follow the rules given below while moving to avoid any injuries related to it.

  • Hydrate yourself: Keeping your body hydrated is crucial for proper functioning and execution of tasks without overstressing your body.
  • Warm up exercise: Warm up exercise prevents injuries and strains to a great extent.
  • Clothing: Wear clothes made up of cotton material as they help absorb sweat efficiently and helps cool your body. Also, avoid wearing clothing (such a loose and long clothing) which have the possibility of getting stuck or twisted while you are shifting.
  • Kids and pets: Keep them in a separate room to avoid chaos and injuries. Keep sufficient toys and food in the place.
  • Time: Start your moving process in the early morning hours. Not only is it cooler but your body has energized as well. Also, pay attention to the weather.

Try to hire professional removalists as they are trained in moving and can shift without causing damage to the furniture or injuries to themselves. But if you are going to do it yourself, these tips will suffice for an efficient move.

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