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10 Awesome Reasons to Moving to Brisbane

10 Awesome Reasons to Moving to Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the most wholesome cities in Australia though it is often overlooked by the likes of Sydney and Melbourne.
Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is no dearth of diverse attractive factors that makes people fall in love with it.
If you are contemplating about moving to Brisbane, don’t think. Just do it! Here are some of the reasons why living in Brisbane will make your life awesome.

  1. The Sunshine Capital of Australia

If you are the one who loves to bask all days in bright sunshine, then this is it.
The weather in Brisbane is warm for a majority of days with a few days of winter.
Since it is geographically placed in the subtropical region, Brisbane has beautiful sunshine that lits up the entire city all day long.
If shorts and T-shirts are your things, you can wear it all year long here!

2. Australia’s Most Sustainable City

Brisbane has numerous parks and over 2500 species of plant life.
Brisbane is one of the popular cities in Australia for keeping the balance in the ecosystem even with the modern developments going around.
You can have a nice walk around the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary present in the western suburbs of Brisbane.
This is the world’s first and largest sanctuary for koala present just near the Brisbane river.
Apart from this, you can also visit the City Botanic Gardens which is a luxurious haven for various species of plants and one of the calmest places in Brisbane to just hang out, relax or have a quiet picnic.

3. The Airy Beach Scenes

brisbane beach

As Brisbane is present in the coastline with summer season for the most of the year, the beaches are of the most popular hangout spots for the locals.
You have many beaches to choose from, have a picnic and take a dip in the water.
The most common beach locations in Brisbane are the Ocean Beach and Woorim Beach. Woorim Beach is right for those who love to spend a quiet evening walking, relaxing and swimming.

The Bribie Island is a small sand island on the coast of Brisbane where there are several small beaches to just chill.
You can also go for kayaking and skydive in this island or just enjoy a romantic evening with your loved ones.
If you are the one who loves beaches and want to spend an entire day exploring, then Bribie Island is right for you.

4. Multicultural, Welcoming City

Brisbane has people from various cultures living together and therefore the festive scenes in Brisbane is a combination of multiple communities coming together.
This is evident from the celebrations held in Brisbane all around the year including the Paniyiri Greek festival, BrisAsia festival and Oktoberfest, Australia’s largest important event.

Even in the suburbs of Brisbane, you can find people from various parts of the world living together in harmony.
While Asians are the second highest population in most of the suburbs in Brisbane, there are also a lot of people from Europe and America who have made Brisbane their home.

5. Celebration of Arts

Brisbane is a rich cultural blend of arts and is one hotspot for those who love to explore the cultural heritage of history.
If you are one who loves to visit the historic buildings, you can go for a tour to the Australian Parliament House in Brisbane which now functions as the Queensland Parliament.
Built in the year 1867, this is a French Renaissance Revival building that has beautiful decors and carvings depicting the olden ways.

You can also visit the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) which is the largest modern art gallery of Australia, Museum of Brisbane and the Maritime Museum.
You can also head to the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts which is known for its underground arts culture of having several regular theatre and cabaret.
The Brisbane Powerhouse is another theatre which features plays and concerts.

6. The Affordable Cost of Living

Unlike the other cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is home to affordable housing properties and overall cheap cost of living with all the benefits of the city.
Though the real estate prices of the Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne have been increasing in the last few years, Brisbane has reasonable pricing.
You can lead a good quality of life on a simple salary in Brisbane which is not possible in the other top cities of Australia.
If you are the one who is looking to buy your house or property, then Brisbane is the best option.
Within just a few years of moving here, you can save up a sizable amount and buy a decent place of your own to live in.

The Northern suburbs is said to be the home of some of the Brisbane’s most liveable suburbs and has affordable housing safe for families.
The western suburbs is one of the in-demand suburban regions of Brisbane due to its proximity to the University of Queensland which also ensures that it has cheap properties for the students.
The inner suburbs of Brisbane is the home to some of the hippest and oldest ones which great public schools, vibrant communities and budget-friendly homes.

7. Vast Employment Opportunities

employment in brisbane

Contrast to what many think, Brisbane has many employment opportunities for people in various sectors.
Some of the major industries in Brisbane are manufacturing, finance, tourism and agriculture.
Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in Brisbane contributing a significant portion to the GDP of the state.
It employs around 95,000 people and has many career options for industrial engineers and people from this sector.

8. Great Educational Opportunities

university compressor

Brisbane is one of the popular hubs for many students from foreign countries to pursue higher studies.
Due to its world-class educational facilities and top-tier universities like Queensland University and Griffin University, many students from all over the world prefer Brisbane. Also, the student accommodation options are quietly affordable which makes it easy for students to concentrate on their courses without worrying about financial issues.

9. Easy Transportation Options

Brisbane has an excellent public transport system making it easy for the locals to move around.
There are multiple transport options in Brisbane like the TransLink public transport services, regional bus services that run in the suburbs and the CityHopper ferry services through the Brisbane river.
The students of Brisbane get a concession of 50% in most of the public transport services. There is also a free ferry that travels between the South Bank to the Kangaroo Point which is located between the southern suburbs and the eastern suburbs of Brisbane.

Apart from this, one can also take a cycle for short distance travels from the CityCycle which is also an affordable and eco-friendly option to move about in the city.
Among the suburban regions of Brisbane, the eastern suburb is said to be one of the most well-connected places through public transport.

10.Numerous Hangout Spots for People with Different Tastes

brisbane tourist

The best thing about Brisbane is the combination of the leisure activities it has for people from different walks of life and of varying tastes.
While beaches are the popular go-to option for many, there are also several other places to explore and enjoy.
For those who like to spend an entire day shopping till you drop, the Queen Street Mall is the best option.
If you are new to the state or just want to explore the areas, you can take a Queensland Trip around the different areas and exploring new places.

If you are the one who loves to be adventurous, then the Story Bridge Adventure Climb is a must! You will enjoy a panoramic view of the Brisbane as you walk in groups in safety harnesses over the Brisbane’s cantilever bridge.
This walk will go on for about 2 hours where you can enjoy the beauty of Brisbane and have a different perspective of the city.

Another exciting activity to do in Brisbane is the Moreton Island Day Trip.
There are several trip options for those who want to explore Moreton Island which includes a combination of sandboarding, kayaking, snorkeling and walking on enormous sand dunes.
You can also enjoy the sunset safaris on the island and have a blast relaxing, eating the local food all the while enjoying the view of the sun and the sea.

Another one for the nature lovers is the Kangaroo Point Cliffs which are heritage-listed cliffs present near the Brisbane river.
This is a leisure spot for those who want to hang out and have a picnic with the views of the cliff, river and the sun.

Brisbane is a colorful city with a mix of everything you need to lead a good lifestyle. Are you considering to move to Brisbane? If so, then contact CBD Movers Brisbane to find affordable relocation options to quickly move and set up your home at this vibrant city.