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Moving With Kids To New Home – Make It A Memorable Journey

Kids make a house a home, and rule our hearts with their impish ways! They bring so much joy and happiness to brighten the day!

Moving house with kids?

Relocation is a big upheaval for everyone, more so for the kids. The life as they know it is going to change. But, your gentle reassurance will comfort them immensely.

Depending on the age group, house removals may or may not create an impact.

Below 5 years

This age group is easy to relocate with, as they mainly want their parents and a few familiar toys around them, to feel at home.

They are resilient to changes than most adults. If they are at an age to understand things, sit with them and share the news of the move. It is also important to explain what is happening when their toys are packed up.

Reassure them that they will still have their toys in the new abode, as they might think that their toys will just disappear! It is also ideal to leave the child with a trusted carer on the day of the actual move, to ensure their comfort.

In the new abode, it is imperative to stick to the feeding and sleep routines. This smoothens the transition phase.

School Going Age

moving with kids

School going children might feel stressed during relocation, though the degree of stress varies. They are moving away from their school and friends, which in itself is unsettling. Moreover, they have to get used to the new school and environment. In short, they are moving away from their
comfort zone.

Some children might feel excited, while some might go through minor issues like skipping meals or lacking concentration, while few others go through extreme mood swings and refusal to talk. It is important that they are reassured with special attention and comfort during this crucial period.

Sit them down and explain the facts. Make them understand that change is part of life, and it might bring them endless possibilities and positive changes. As the beautiful saying goes ” If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies! ”

You can involve them in the process by letting them choose colors and decor for their room in the new abode. It is a good idea not to move furniture during term time, to avoid disruptions. If you are short on time then hire removalists to help you plan the move

In the new place, take them around the locality and school, and let them get used to the new environment at their own phase. Though relocation is a difficult period, your solid support will ease the transition for your kids.


Your teens will understand the reason for the move, but they need your reassurance nevertheless. They are moving from their comfort zone and their set of friends. At that stage in life, their peer group is the most important segment of their life, and leaving that companionship behind is
not a pleasant experience. It is imperative to answer their concerns, instead of brushing it under the carpet with ” you will get used to it!” Respect their feelings with empathy, and be available whenever they feel like having a talk.

Involve them in the move by assigning them responsibilities, and praising their contribution. If you are hiring professionals, then do inquire how long it takes for the removalists take to pack and unpack a house

General Checklist when moving with kids

General Checklist when moving with kids

1. Plan for the moving days at least a few weeks in advance. Have a family meeting and involve the kids in discussing the plans for moving day.

2. Involve the kids in packing their rooms and let them label the boxes.

3. Put aside a big bag for essentials you might need to feel at home on the first night in the new home.

4. Visit the new neighborhood with your kids before the actual move, to familiarise them with the new environment. If you are moving interstate, do a virtual tour.

5. Reassure your kids that they can keep in touch with the neighbors and friends, though you are moving away.

Reassurance and reinforced routines with make the move smooth for the whole family.