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12 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture


Have you decided to move the furniture on your own? Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems as there are a lot more intricate details involved in it. To keep your furniture and the people involved in the relocation safe, you need to know the basics about moving furniture. So here it is – the most important tips for moving furniture by yourself.

Top Tips for DIY Furniture Relocation

Any relocation is hard with so many things needing your attention at the same time. Moreover, when you have decided not to take the help of removalists for moving furniture, then things become complex fast.

If you do not have any experience in handling furniture, then it is best to get the cheap furniture moving companies available near your area.

If you are ready enough to brave the tedious work of handling furniture relocation without the help of removalists, then here are the most essential tips you need to follow to the ‘T’.

  • Take Sufficient Help

The very first rule of relocating furniture on your own – never think that a one-person show will work. When you haven’t hired any professional helpers for the move, the basic necessity is to get help from your friends, relatives and neighbours.

Please make a note of the number of furniture that needs to be relocated, the distance for which one has to carry it and then invite people to help you accordingly. Make sure to have an extra set of hands to compensate for those who get tired easily. 

  • Plan the Pathway to the Truck

In a home, there is always some furniture that is so big that it can’t be handled by two or even three people. These are the times when your extensive planning is of utmost importance.

Have a clear plan about how to go about with the relocation. Just getting many people to carry the furniture isn’t going to help.

It would help if you chalked out how you will carry the furniture to the door of the truck. Your house may have some sharp turns, your building may have narrow hallways or escalators that are very tiny or a very small doorway.

During such situations, how will you plan to take the furniture out? Well, this is what you need to plan.

If possible, get the help of those who have experience in relocating big furniture to help with the planning.

This stage of planning should be completed before the people come in to help you with the move.

  • Disassemble the Furniture

Before you think about moving the furniture, you should disassemble the furniture to the very last piece possible.

Some pieces of furniture will be so huge that no matter; however you turn, it cannot fit into the doorway. Sometimes, you may furniture that have a big protruding piece awkwardly interfering when you are carrying it. 

To avoid all these issues, it is best to disassemble the furniture and pack them properly into the appropriate boxes.

This will reduce the size of the furniture you need to carry and will help to easily carry out the furniture to the truck. 

The large pieces of furniture like the wardrobe, almirah, desks, tables, sofas, armchairs and other similar ones should all be disassembled with the help of the manual it comes with.

Make sure to keep those manuals safely as you will need them to assemble the furniture back at your new home.

  • Eliminate Any Dangers on the Pathway

During relocation, the safety of the people is paramount. The relocating house is prone to a lot of accidental hazards on the way that could end up seriously hurting the people.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on the safety of furniture relocation. Before you start carrying things out, take a walk on the pathway through which the things have to be carried. 

Wipe any spilt substances that may be slippery or any objects that could stumble those moving the furniture. 

  • Keep a Constant Check on the Relocation Path

It is quite easy to find boxes, plastic wrappers and papers on the path in which you are carrying the furniture.

Therefore, it is best to keep a constant eye on it to check and clear out that stuff. If there are any danger zones on the path like sudden steep steps or sharp turns, then make sure that it is aware to everyone carrying the stuff.

If it is snowing or raining, then you have to keep a clear path always as and when it accumulates. 

  • Use a Furniture Dolly for Moving Bulky Items

The furniture dolly is a two-wheeled handcraft that is one of the best equipment you can have for furniture relocation. When you have to carry a bulky item over a long distance, you can use this cart to wheel the item to the door of the truck efficiently.

You can rent a furniture dolly from the moving company near you, or if you are hiring removalists for transportation, you can also request them to provide one for you.

  • Slide the Furniture Without Any Damages

You may have wooden floors or carpet under which shouldn’t be damaged in the relocation. During such times, you can use a furniture slider to slide the piece of furniture across the room. 

The furniture slider is made of pieces of plastic and rubber that makes it easy to push even the heavy furniture without lifting it. If you want to move the furniture for a short distance without carrying it, then you can place the furniture slider under the furniture and move it quickly. 

  • Only Use the Proper Lifting Methods

One of the common issues of relocating heavy furniture on your own – one or more persons may get injured, mainly due to the lousy lifting techniques.

There are a few tried and tested lifting techniques that are used by removal companies all over the world. It is best to stick to those instead of trying something on your own.

Make sure to not put more pressure on your back when lifting the items. Overexertion of the back during the relocation could cause serious internal injuries to the spinal cord.

To avoid this, please keep your back straight and bend at your knees. When you feel any pain in the back, rest for a while and stop lifting any more items that affect your back.

  • Follow the ‘High and Low’ Technique of Carrying Heavy Items


When you are carrying a massive cabinet, table or couch, it can be tiring to keep lifting it for more than a few minutes.

That’s why one should know the basic techniques of easing the move of such heavy furniture. One common method that many removalists use while moving furniture is to carry it high and low.

One end of the furniture has to be lifted while the other end has to be held at a lower position. This will enable the weight to spread evenly and keeps the centre of mass at the middle without burdening either one with more weight.

  • Use Shoulder Straps to Evenly Spread the Weight


Carrying big and bulky furniture for a long distance is going to affect a certain area of the body where you exert more pressure – be it your hands, legs, neck or back.

In order to evenly distribute your weight all over the body and keep your spine straight, you can use shoulder straps or shoulder dolly. This also ensures that you have a good grip on the item you carry and are kept safe from any physical damages.

  • Keep the Tall Side Lengthwise

In most places, the distance of the floor to the ceilings are more when compared to the distance between walls. Therefore, it is best to carry the furniture lengthwise to ensure that it doesn’t get stuck anywhere in the middle. 

  • Plan the Furniture Unloading Too

Sometimes, we concentrate on moving out of the place that we forget to make plans for moving in. The same furniture that you have tiringly loaded into the truck is the same furniture you should carry back into your new house.

Therefore, as you plan to move the furniture, don’t forget to chalk out a similar plan for unloading and unpacking the furniture too.

If you want to save yourself from these hassles and dangerous hazards of relocating the furniture, then it is best to hire a good furniture removal company.

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