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Tips to Protect Things From Breaking While Moving House in Brisbane

Moving is stressful because you have to move all the goods safely without breaking them. There are a lot of expensive, fragile, breakable items which are required to be packed safely to prevent any breakage during transit. Taking professional assistance can help you deal with it. Looking for an experienced house removalist in Brisbane is the only practical solution to deal with any moving-related stress.

Breaking While Moving House

Many removalists in Brisbane provide complimentary packing services as part of their moving services, while some companies provide it as a premium service. But booking the professionals is the best decision you can make. If you still want to take charge of packing your things yourself to be rest assured that there is no scope for ignorance, then here are some tips to help you prevent losing your essentials:

Do not hurriedly pack your belongings

Even the proficient, well-established house removals in Brisbane also do not rush the packing process. If you do so, you may get even more confused in the end. Some things require special preparation, like electronics, heavy machinery, etc. Make a list of all the things categorically and arrange the packing supplies accordingly. Once you have done this, start going chronologically and sorting through your moving checklist.

Do not leave any spaces in the boxes

Do not leave any spaces in the boxes

Before we come to the layers or choose the right boxes, we have to peep into what goes inside these moving boxes. Arrange for extra material like old newspapers, crumpled packing paper, etc. It will prevent the things inside the box from colliding.

Use caution when wrapping bubble wrap

Even the fancy-looking, old or new house removal companies in Brisbane rely on our favourite childhood pass time, “the bubble wrap”. It provides extra care for fragile items and sticks finely to the surface. Ask someone to hold one end while you stretch the bubble wrap all around the surface of the goods. Perform it after enclosing all the essentials with newspapers and packing papers. Once you have done this, layer them up with shrink wrap before placing them in the boxes.

Packing the furniture

Packing The furniture

Furniture packing is a real back-breaking task. You may require various steps for the safe packing and moving of your furniture. Like in the case of a bed, office chair, or complex chair, you will have to dismantle the parts first and then pack them very carefully. Record a video while doing this and label each box so that putting it together becomes easy later.

Since there is a lot to do and the heavy furniture can cause you fatigue, it is better to take help from professional furniture removalists to pack the furniture safely.

De-clutter the stuff

As advised by most of the professional house removals in Brisbane, it is wise to de-clutter the stuff before moving. While you may think that it will cost you more to make all the stuff again, it should be done only when downsizing.

Well, it is not as it seems. Many removalists in Brisbane charge as per the weight, so you will have to pay for the extra pounds. Next, if there are chances of it getting damaged, this is another cost you will have to pay. Other than this, the health risk is what you are already putting into it. So why not consider customising the new furniture in the new house so that is as per the latest trend? You will get half the money by selling your old furniture. Pitch in some more and get a customised one.

Avoid overloading the vehicles

Avoid overloading the vehicles

While moving house in Brisbane, this is one of the most crucial points that you have to take into consideration. Do not overload the vehicle as you have to move around a big city. The excess weight in the truck will make it hard to steer around the city.

Pick the right boxes

We are aware of the fact that we need packing boxes. We have also kept some boxes safe in our almirah to use at the time of moving later. But what size boxes do you need? Well, the first thought that pops up is to take a big box and pop everything into it. But it is not so. The boxes should not be too big or too small. It should neither have space for your goods to move inside the box nor be so tight that the things are overflowing in it or can come in contact with the surface.

Pack the heavy items in small boxes. It will make it easier to balance the box. Consider taking a box that is slightly bigger than the goods and covering the extra space by filling it with newspapers.

Also, remember that these boxes have a shelf life. If you have kept the television box or the refrigerator box, then it is of no use to you. It is so because older boxes become less protective and weak over time. However, you can use those boxes for light and soft items such as soft toys or pillows.

Get a few moving blankets

Many furniture removalists recommend investing in moving blankets. It helps in protecting the edges of the furniture. It provides extra cushioning to the armrest. It will also help in preventing any sort of damage or scratches by providing an extra layer.

Pack the delicate items separately

All the antique china dishes, which your grandmother preserved for years, need extra attention. Do not take a chance of packing them together. Even if you layer those things up, it will be of no use. It is so because the delicate items touching each other closely can lead to scratches, breakage, and spoiling the polish of glassware. Thus, it is advisable to pack the delicate items individually and layer them up with newspapers and packing papers.

Do not forget to label your boxes

Do not forget to label your boxes

Always label the boxes with fragile items and place them in the front of the truck. It will make it easily accessible when you arrive at the new place. It will also alarm the movers to handle them with extra care. Try to label all the boxes while packing. It will make it easier to settle things in the new house.

Packing complex items like pool table

Complex items like pool table, piano etc. need extra precautions. It needs to be disassembled first and then packed very carefully. To avoid the complex procedure, it is very important to hire professionals as the guides available online are according to different brands and structure. However, you can try disassembling it by going through the manual which you got while buying the pool table or piano. But it is better to not take up the complex task as the damage will only add up to your costs later.

Triple layer packing 

Use the triple layering technique for extra fragile items. Start by placing a blanket at the bottom. It will protect the items placed at the bottom. After this, wrap every item separately in bubble wrap. You can also use double layers of the packing paper. And to protect the surface of the goods, place a pillow on top of the items. To keep it simple, heavy items should be placed towards the bottom and lighter ones should be placed above them.

These were some of the techniques to pack your items proficiently. It will ensure the safety of your goods and thus a secure move. However, it is a lot of task so it is advisable to hire a professional house moving company in Brisbane to handle the packing hassle.